How to be a stay at home mom

8 powerful reasons to be a stay at home mom!

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One of the biggest questions I get asked all the time is what are my reasons to be a stay at home mom?

Now, I’m not just a stay at home mom, I’m a stay at home working mom.

However, there are some prime benefits to this lifestyle that I want to square away once and for all!

Plus, if you’re a mom, mom to be, or seasoned mama thinking about taking the plunge into the “stay at home mom” life, I want to help you see the amazing benefits too!

Plus, I PROMISE there are still ways you can keep your sanity while being home with your kids 24/7.

Reasons to be a stay at home mom
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Now, I didn’t say being a stay at home mom was 100% easy!

Don’t get me wrong. I always knew the day my husband and I decided to have kids, would be the day my working career came to an end. Or at least I’d do everything I could to try.

Being that I only have one little one, I do feel like I have that as an advantage at the moment. I know the day I become outnumbered I’ll be in for a real treat (or so I’ve been told LOL).

To date, I think the biggest “Challenge” I’ve had as a stay at home mom is that it can be a bit lonely. Like, really lonely!

I’m one of those people who keeps a very small circle of friends, becoming a stay at home mom kind of magnifies that small circle to feeling like it’s an extra small circle!

The other challenge I’ve faced is due to the fact that I was working from home part-time doing reception & management work.

There were days I worked from home alone, with no help (due to my husband’s long work schedule).

Let me explain what I mean…

How to work from home with a baby

I’m really fortunate to have a job I can do from home. A job that allows me to stay home with my baby and watch him grow.

But with any job, come responsibilities. Responsibilities that can be really hard to focus on when you have a 14-month-old running around screaming, throwing his 20th tantrum of the day or just flat out needs mommy’s attention.

So, I’ve managed to find activities that keep my son occupied long enough for me to make some client calls. Then we share some one on one time.

After, we move onto another activity for him to do while I make more calls if needed or finish up the paperwork while he naps.

Woman working in bed
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Trust me, I am not by any means saying it’s easy. In fact, I still deal with mom guilt at times when my job gets busy and I feel like I’m not spending enough time with my son despite working from home.

If you’ve been looking for work you can do from home, I’d suggest checking out this post all about stay at home mom jobs!

Ways to ditch the stay at home mom guilt…(yes, it’s real)

I think one of the biggest reasons we end up so unhappy being stay at home moms is because we let that annoying ‘mom guilt’ get the best of us.

Now, I understand there are some solid reasons to feel like you’re mourning the old you.

For instance, maybe you gave up your big career job to be a stay at home mom.

I know so many people would die to stay home with their kids, but others, they thrive better at work!

The important part to remember is that it’s OK to feel those feelings.

You don’t need to love being a stay at home mom. And if it isn’t for you, there’s no shame in doing what you need to do.

After all, you’ll only be able to give your best if you feel your best!

You could also be feeling like you’re lonely & aren’t getting enough self-care in.

First, if you aren’t taking enough time for yourself, YOU NEED TO!

I don’t mean you need to take a vacation for weeks in some crazy resort, but you do need to work in some “mommy time” to recuperate.

I mean you can only take so much before you need a break. And I know it’s so hard to take that time without feeling guilty for it, but don’t.

As you make it more of a priority to fit in your mommy time, you’ll notice how much more refreshed you feel.

Maybe you’re feeling like you don’t have enough time in the day to finish all your chores or tasks.

I really find that keeping a schedule or calendar full of my “to-do lists” can help me organize my day. This way I’m able to prioritize things that MUST get done vs. what can wait until later.

There’s no need to beat yourself over dishes or laundry that didn’t get done. Those things can get done later.

I know it’s hard to come to that conclusion, but seriously mama’s, don’t beat yourself upon it.

Powerful reasons to be a stay at home mom

1 – As a stay at home mom, you’re able to be apart of SO MANY of BABY’S MILESTONES.

You’ll never have to worry about missing your baby’s first word when they start walking, or as they get older when they lose their first tooth or start school!

Who reading this watches the show “Working Moms“? Which, if you don’t, I’d highly recommend watching it if you’re into comedy shows making light of mom’s life with a hint of raw truth humor.

I remember a scene in the show where the main character missed her son saying his first word because she went back to her corporate job. When I was watching that it just broke my heart!

Like the idea of these mamas missing these special moments because they HAVE TO WORK just hurt my heart.

That’s why I made a FULL LIST of jobs you can do from home, you might have to slowly transition, but it’s possible!

2 – Being a stay at home mom can save you some extra money due to the rising cost of childcare!

In California, the average annual cost of childcare is $8,230, for infancy care, it bumps up to $11,817 (according to an article at The Balance).

Keep in mind those are just averages, I’ve had some mommy friends here in San Diego told me that ONE MONTH alone for 4 days/week for an entire month cost about $2,000-$3,000.

When you take those averages and tie them into the amount of money you’ll be bringing home (not to mention the gas money it takes for you to get to and from work), it could definitely offset the cost of childcare for you to be a stay at home mom.

3 – Another benefit to being a stay at home mom is YOU are the one raising your baby!

I’ve heard horror stories (not truly horror) about how people’s kids start to call their nanny’s mom.

Or how they feel like they don’t know how to talk to their kids anymore due to them being in childcare so often.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely could not handle the fact if someone else was primarily raising my son.

I understand that for some it’s completely unavoidable. However, if you are able to stay at home, that’s one benefit to think about.

Stay At Home Mom

4 – You’ll have a lot more control over your day to day routine

One of my favorite parts about being a stay at home mom is that I’m literally able to control our routine.

I’ve been able to keep our son on a consistent nap schedule that allows me to work from home.

I’m able to schedule any doctor appointments around our schedules. We’re able to make plans with family in advanced.

It truly is a great benefit of being a stay at home mama.

5 – Being a stay at home can help your marriage

Many new parents face relationship issues without a doubt.

The stress of caring for your children, working a stressful job, coming home to fulfill household duties and oh yea, trying to make your relationship a priority!

When you take out one of the ‘hectic’ pieces aiding to all that chaos, it bumps your ability to prioritize your relationship up!

If you do find yourself struggling with your relationship regardless of being a working or stay at home mom, I’d suggest you check out my friend Abby Burd’s online relationship course!

She made this course SPECIFICALLY for pregnant and postpartum parents! After taking the class myself, I can’t say how helpful it was to feel like I basically had a marriage counseling session done at my own pace in my own room!

6 – You’re able to prioritize your family 100%

As a stay at home mom, there’s nothing holding you back from prioritizing your family.

You truly know the day to day better than anyone!

This allows you to create a schedule or routine for you and your family to keep everyone happy and feeling the love!

This is especially important if you have multiple kids because we all know kids need one on one attention outside of family time.

Use your stay at home mom time to dominate your schedule and make time for family activities! This could include:

  • scheduling weekly family night
  • going on mother/son or mother/daughter dates individually
  • making time for date nights with your partner
  • getting creative and doing crafts with your littles

7 – You have the ability to be your child’s biggest influence!

No need to worry about what someone else could be teaching your child or how they’re teaching it!

As a stay at home mom, you’re the first line of instructing your kids how and what you want!

I find this super rewarding as not only am I able to teach my son cool things, like how to stack blocks or how to work through his tantrums, but it’s just nice to know he’s learning it all from his mama.

8 – You play a key role in their development!

Similar to the point above, our little ones grow up SO FAST!

Another rewarding part of being a stay at home mama is that we’re able to play a key role in their development!

You can help them read, learn how to walk, practice different language and motor enhancing skills and so much more!

Plus, as your little one gets big enough to enter toddlerhood, you might find this role becomes even more important!

Ultimately, there’s plenty of reasons to be a stay-at-home mom. They may not always look the same for everyone, but they sure come with lots of new challenges and also rewards. Do you think stay at home mom life is for you?

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4 thoughts on “8 powerful reasons to be a stay at home mom!”

  1. I am not a SAHM but I do appreciate the moms that are. It is just as much work as if you went to a job outside of the home. Salute to all the moms whom hold it down everyday!

    1. Aw such a sweet comment! Agreed they both have their own unique challenges and I can totally understand the struggles of them all<3

  2. I absolutely love being a stay at home mom! Everyone always says “I feel so sorry for you, all alone with the kids all the time”. I don’t know why, I’m in heaven! Lol I mean….I can also relate to a lot on Working Moms..great show! But There’s nowhere else I’d rather be. I missed the first years of my first 2 sons, then I got to enjoy all of it with my youngest. It’s amazing.

    1. Haha agreed mama! I wouldn’t trade it for the world even though some days I do just need my space, but it’s so worth all of it <3

      That’s so amazing to hear you were able to stay home with all your babies!

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