image shows a mom holding her baby, a basket of laundry and a phone between her ear and shoulder. This image was used for the article: How to enjoy being a stay at home mom


  1. While things have gotten easier as our daughter has grown, I definitely remember a number of evenings when cooking was not on the cards – and I like cooking! In addition to the “seeing other adults” challenge of being a SAHM and a WFHM, I find the guilt difficult. Some days, keeping our daughter happy and occupied and meeting work deadlines means NOTHING ELSE gets done. And even then, either work or our daughter tends to get a little short-changed. I have not found the solution to that one yet.

    1. I hear you mama! It’s so hard trying to balance both worlds and to an extent it’s impossible. Just keep doing the best you can, I’m sure your little girl loves and appreciates everything you do for her oh so much! <3

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