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Best Postpartum Leggings To Help “Hold It All Together”

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Prior to becoming a mom, a huge part of my life revolved around fitness and working out. In fact, before my first pregnancy, I was in the middle of training for my first ever powerlifting competition. Wearing comfortable leggings while training was always important to make sure I could perform the movements without restriction. Well, after having a baby and having a body that was totally different, I was off to find the best postpartum leggings for new moms.

I won’t lie, some of my all time favorite leggings aren’t maternity or postpartum related. However, I understand now why some moms want to find leggings that provide support and compression to hold “it” all together.

You see, after birth, our bodies may change or they may stay exactly the same — there’s no right or wrong way here, it’s just well, life!

No time to read the whole post? No problem! Here are my TOP TWO postpartum legging picks!

For me, I found myself weighing about 60lbs heavier postpartum than my normal weight before pregnancy.

Because of the weight gain & lose skin, I found my old clothing to be a lot less comfortable which is when I decided to put some serious effort into finding the most comfortable postpartum leggings to help me:

  • feel confident in leggings
  • support my core/abdominal region
  • feel comfortable while working out

And this is where I share with YOU, from one mama to another, the BEST postpartum leggings available for moms!

The Best Postpartum Leggings

I wanted to break this post up into two sections, one being affordable postpartum leggings and the other being the best post-pregnancy leggings to splurge on!

Plus, if you’re reading this and you’re NOT a mom, bookmark this page or save it to your Pinterest account because this will come in handy if you’re planning to have a baby, need to do some Christmas or Birthday shopping for a new mom or just want to try out a new pair of comfy leggings!

After each list, you’ll find some commonly asked questions regarding the quality of using postpartum leggings, are they necessary, and stuff like that!

Affordable Postpartum Leggings

Not everyone wants to spend and arm and a leg on clothing, I totally get it! I’m pretty cheap when it comes to buying myself new clothes, leggings included!

That’s why I wanted to share the most affordable or bang for your buck postpartum leggings I found online.

Oasis High-Waisted 7/8 Pocket by Fabletics

Fabletics is a monthly subscription-based activewear company that offers affordable high-quality activewear for women. By using the subscription model, you’re able to snag pretty sweet deals that would otherwise cost you over hundreds of dollars.

The cool part about Fabletics is if you’ve never shopped them before, you can sign-up for their 2 for $24 deal. They offer a select variety of leggings (this pair of leggings was included when I got them) for their 2 for $24 special.

What I love about these leggings:

I love that they’re high waisted and do a great job of providing support to my belly region, essentially holding in all that lose after baby skin. The material itself I found was stretchy, yet decently compressive maintaining that comfortable supportive feel.

What I don’t love about these leggings:

Overall, I find these to be pretty breathable leggings when it comes to weight training and walking. However, when I’ve worn them for running, they do seem to slide around a bit more than I like. I’m not sure if it’s because my soft mommy tummy makes it easy for them to move around or what, but it’s not my favorite part.

All things considered, being that I technically paid $12 (via the 2 for $24 deal), I would absolutely buy these again hence why I think they’re one of the BEST options for postpartum moms.

Dragon Fit High-Waist Yoga Leggings (on Amazon)

These Dragon Fit High-Waist leggings hands-down feel dupes for a high-end pair of leggings. And as much as it pains me to say this, I once spent $75 for a pair of brand name leggings just to find they ripped within a few weeks.

These, on the other hand, cost me less than $25 on Amazon with Prime 2-day shipping and have lasted me TWO YEARS (aka TWO pregnancies).

What I love about these leggings:

They have the perfect amount of compression, the material has that buttery soft feel to them, they’re moisture-wicking, and the seams flatter my body nicely (at least I think they do).

**UPDATE 10/14 – I ordered a 2nd pair and the material was not a buttery material. It had a normal athletic legging feel to it. It did not feel as comfortable as my first pair, BUT for the price, I’d still get them again, just wouldn’t be as obsessed about them sadly.

What I don’t love about these leggings:

I’ll be honest, I thought long and hard trying to find something I didn’t like about them and the one thing I came up with is that I found they run just slightly smaller than expected. If you’re in between sizes, go up. If you’re true to size, then stick to your true size. I was in between sizes and stayed with my true size which ended up in an exchange, but their customer service was beyond excellent so I can’t complain at all.

Best Post-Pregnancy Leggings To Splurge On

When it comes to splurging on leggings, I’m all about it IF they’re a damn good pair of leggings. However, it can be hard to find that sometimes and then you’re left feeling $80+ short and still on the lookout for some comfy leggings.

Well, here’s my roundup of splurge-worthy postpartum leggings that won’t let you down!

Louisa Maternity & Postpartum Leggings by Kindred Bravely

The Louisa leggings by Kindred Bravely are perfect because they were literally created for pregnant & postpartum moms.

They’re definitely on the “splurge” spectrum, but girl are they worth it. You get the best of both worlds when it comes to finding a legging that can support your growing belly AND postpartum core!

kindred bravely leggings

What I love about these leggings:

They are SO comfortable! They also come with the option to get with or without the pocket. I’m a pocket lover on my leggings, but I know some mamas absolutely hate them. Although I consider these splurge-worthy, they don’t surpass the $100 threshold, so I still find them somewhat of an affordable splurge if that makes any sense at all.

What I don’t love about these leggings:

I wish they cost $20 so I could buy 10 pairs LOL. I truly couldn’t find a negative for these leggings. They’re squat proof, compressive, but not too tight, soft, have optional pockets, so these are a solid win-win in my book.

Classic Maternity Leggings by Cadenshae

Ok ladies…these leggings are straight up HEAVEN on earth! I cannot even begin to tell you how comfortable these are, but they are probably one of my favorite leggings I’ve ever received IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

The best part is that they will get you through your entire pregnancy (with an over the belly waistband) AND postpartum (you can keep the waistband up or fold it down)

What I love about these leggings:

I love the high waisted design that holds everything in place nicely while having a waistband that doesn’t annoyingly slide down during movement or workouts.

I also like these leggings are solid enough to get me through a workout and light enough to be worn just to lounge around at home. I cannot recommend these leggings enough!

What I don’t love about these leggings:

The only con I found with these leggings is that they do run on the smaller side. Many women said in their reviews they were true to size, but I definitely found them to run small. Your best bet would be to use the sizing guide provided on their website, but if you on the line to close to being on the line, I’d encourage you to size up as these pants have a supportive stretch regardless.

Bliss Seamless Leggings by Cadenshae

According to the reviews, Cadenshae nailed the seamless design to a T. Not only are they reported to be comfortable, but also very flattering; something all of us postpartum moms can’t help but worry about at times.

Cadenshae Bliss Legging
Photo provided by Cadenshae

I have yet to try these leggings, but given how awesome their classic maternity leggings are, I have no doubt they will be just as fantastic, if not better!

Questions About Postpartum Leggings

You’d be surprised some of the questions moms have asked me on my Instagram page about the leggings I wear.

I never really thought TOO much into my leggings (aside from the 3 main points at the top of this post), but turns out, mamas have some burning questions and hey, I’m happy to share my answers!

What are the different types of postpartum leggings available?

Between the pairs I own & the ones I researched online, the most common types of postpartum leggings consist of:

  • High waisted leggings (like these) – leggings that sit well above your waistline; many moms opt for this kind to give them extra support or to give that flat tummy appearance.
  • Homma Material Leggings (like these) – Homma leggings are VERY compressive leggings from my experience, they’re almost too compressive. They will definitely give you support and a flat tummy look, however, the material feels much thicker & I just find them a bit uncomfortable.
  • Maternity/Postpartum Duo Leggings (like these) – My personal favorite because with maternity AND postpartum leggings, you get the best of both worlds with a high waistband that you can eventually fold down when you’re not diggin’ the high waisted look anymore.
  • Compressive Postpartum Leggings (like these) – Non-Homma material compression leggings that give just the right amount of compression, but also breathable material.

Benefits Of Wearing Postpartum Leggings

Often times after giving birth, many mamas (myself included) don’t want to think about trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans.

This is where finding a nice pair of postpartum leggings comes in handy.

  • They provide support & compression for postpartum bellies.
  • Fit much more comfortable than jeans or other pants after birth.
  • Great for cesarean deliveries (provide support while being breathable).
  • Though it isn’t necessary, they can give a somewhat slimming appearance.

As you can see, it’s not surprising leggings seem to be a postpartum mom’s first choice. They were mine too!

Do compression leggings help postpartum?

From a comfort standpoint, yes. Wearing compression leggings can also possibly help your uterus shrink down a teeny bit quicker due to the applied pressure of the compression, BUT not always.

When it comes to getting postpartum leggings, I tend to suggest that moms use them more for comfort over anything else.

After all, giving birth isn’t really a “comfortable” task so if you can find a way to make the after-birth part of recovery a bit more comfortable, what are you waiting for?

What kind of postpartum leggings are your most favorite???

The BEST Postpartum Leggings for Mom After Birth

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