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Unique Baby Shower Activities That AREN’T Games

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Looking for fun and unique baby shower activities that aren’t games to keep your baby shower guests entertained? This list of fun things to do at a baby shower will have you full of baby shower entertainment ideas!

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate a baby on the way along with the parents-to-be. However, not every baby shower has to have a ton of games. In fact, for those trying to celebrate a budget-friendly baby shower, these baby shower activities below could be a much better solution!

These activities are still really fun and entertaining for all who attend. Not to mention, some of them are so creative you end up with a precious keepsake for your sweet little bundle of joy.

Unique Baby Shower Activities That AREN’T Games

1) Headband Making Station

This trending baby shower activity is fun, entertaining, and flat-out adorable! Your guests will be able to choose from a variety of headbands along with mixing and matching decorations to make their own custom headband for your baby.


  • If you have an outlet close by, you can also use a hot glue gun
  • Ribbons to tie or glue onto the headband(s)

Aside from getting each item one by one, you can also purchase already made DIY Baby Shower Headbands for Baby kits like this one on etsy!

via ETSY


First, you’ll create a station for guests by laying out all the supplies on a table. Try to set them up in order. For instance, the headbands come first, then the hot glue gun, and then some decorations.

2) Sign Baby’s Book

Have you been to a baby shower where the family asks for a baby book instead of a traditional card? It’s actually a really sweet idea! In fact, we did this for our baby shower too.

You can grab little inserts like these ones to include in your baby shower invites.

Books for baby printable etsy
via ETSY

If you have a lot of guests who forgot to sign their books or simply didn’t sign them at all, you can carve out some time during the baby shower and make it a fun group activity.

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3) Diaper Raffle

The diaper raffle activity is a fun way to get plenty of diapers stocked up before the baby arrives. It’s a great way to also save money on diapers in those early days by stocking up ahead of time.

You simply request baby shower guests bring a pack of diapers and/or baby wipes for their chance to enter the raffle. Sometimes, parents will offer 1 raffle entry per pack of diapers. Before you know it, you could be loaded with diapers, but don’t worry. Even if you end up with too many of one size, most stores will allow you to exchange them as long as the diaper pack isn’t open.


  • Raffle tickets (you’ll need these if your card insert doesn’t have a place for your guest to put their name)
via ETSY

4) Decorate a Diaper

Having a baby equals lots of diaper changes, especially in those early days. When paired with those all-nighters where you’re up every hour or so changing a diaper, a little enthusiasm is always appreciated. That’s why this diaper decorating activity is great!

Guests can write or design anything they wish on a blank canvas diaper! I never did this for my own baby shower, but I had a friend who did. She told me how she would be laughing so hard in the middle of the night reading silly jokes that her guests wrote for her on baby’s diaper. She also said one night she cried because someone left such a heartfelt quote.


  • A few packs of baby diapers (size newborn or 1 is usually best)
  • Assortment color of markers

Once you have all of your supplies, simply create a little decoration station where you have your diapers stored in a cute little basket, like this one, where guests can grab a diaper, decorate or write a lovely message and then place them into an empty diaper box for you to bring home and use!

5) Drop Box Guest Photo

The dropbox guest photo is an awesome alternative to a classical guest book. Guests can write their names on the little shape cut-outs of your choosing and then dropped into the shadow box so that one day, your little one can read all the names of the guests that attending the baby shower!

via ETSY

The supplies are pretty simple for this activity too. You’ll just need to order a “guest book drop box” which you can find a ton on Etsy. Then, leave out a fine tip sharpie or even a metallic marker for guests to write their names — that’s it!

6) Design a Onesie

Designing a onesie is just as fun as decorating a diaper or making a headband. Guests can use this as a way to write some silly jokes or even inspiration messages for the new parents or for baby.

Simply grab a few packs of newborn or 0-3 month sized onesies (white ones work best), some fabric paint like these ones, and some assorted colored markers. Let the fun begin!

7) Bowtie Bib Decorating

Since many parents to be of little girls usually have a headband decorating station, expecting boy parents also created their own activity — A Bowtie Bib Decorating Station.


  • Space to set up

8) Wishes for Baby Cards

This is one of the sweetest baby shower activities. It’s a wonderful way for guests to share some kind wishes for the new baby on the way. Not only will the baby get to read these sweet messages one day, but the expecting parents will also be gushing with love as they read them themselves.

All you need to do is provide the wishes for baby cards and a pen. You can leave these cards at a small table for guests to fill out on their own time or you can pass them out amongst guests during the baby shower.

via ETSY

Examples of wishes for baby:

  • Welcome to the world little one, I wish you so much health & happiness.
  • I cannot wait to watch you grow and see the bright little individual you become.
  • Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, tons of toys, and all things babies love.
  • Cheers to your new life earthside, you have the best parents in the world and I wish you a lovely life.
  • Wishing you to be as fierce and strong as your (insert parent here).

9) Advice for Mom Cards (Advice for New Parents)

There’s no advice worst than the kind that comes unsolicited or just flat-out negative. This is what makes advice for mom cards such an awesome baby shower activity!

via ETSY

Another great thing about this baby shower activity is that you can go about setting it up in a variety of ways. You could:

And when it comes to setting up a table or station, you can have a small table set up with some pens and the cards you plan to use or you can have your guests take a card when they walk in which will allow them time to really think about the advice and wishes they write down.

If you’re a guest reading this post and wondering, what type of advice should I leave for mom or the parents to be? Here are a few suggestions below.

Examples of advice for mom to be:

  • Remember to live in the now, it won’t last forever.
  • There will be hard days, and that’s ok.
  • Babies can be confusing — trust yourself to make the best decisions for them.
  • Learn to say no (to visitors, to grandparents, to friends, etc…).
  • Don’t feel like you always need to do it all, let your partner have a chance to carry some of the weight.

10) Wall Art for Baby

Lastly, this heartfelt creative idea is a wonderful way to add some personalized artwork into baby’s nursery! A sweet way to capture each guest that showered you and baby as the shower by leaving a fingerprint and their name to form an adorable little tree amongst the baby animals (check it out here).

Of course, there are many other designs you can find on Etsy like this little elephant holding a bundle of balloons.

Baby shower games are fun and enjoyable, but sometimes simple baby shower activities (like the ones listed above) feel a bit more sincere and meaningful. I hope you were able to take away plenty of ideas for your upcoming baby shower.

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