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The best natural deodorant for pregnancy every mom to be should try

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Before I became pregnant, I always walked a thin line trying to be cautious of unnecessary chemicals I used on my body. After becoming pregnant, I started wondering things like — is it ok to use deodorant while pregnant? Which face wash can I use without it being toxic? Can I still wear makeup?!

The questions in my mind became more and more until I decided it was time to find the answers I was looking for.

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Is it ok to use deodorant while pregnant?

To ease your nerves, yes, it is OK to use deodorant while pregnant. In fact, it’s pretty rare your doctor will stop you in your tracks to even ask what kind of deodorant you’re wearing.

However, it’s also important to note that ALL deodorants are not created the same. And it’s up to you to do your due diligence to research these differences.

For one, most deodorants (antiperspirants) have the ingredient aluminum in them.

Aluminum is known for stopping sweat by, well, CLOGGING your sweat ducts, yikes! So are there any “GOOD” deodorants out there?

Fortunately, that’s when I found Earth Mama® Organics!

Earth Mama® Organics was created by Melinda Olson — a mama, herbalist, and nurse. They are an industry-leading company with a mission to create safe, natural, and organic herbal products for mamas AND babies!

With a company whose mission is to create safe natural products, I knew I had to try their Mini Deodorant 4-Pack to sample!

This mini sample pack allowed me to try all the scents they offer (which by the way, smell AMAZING) and honestly, it ended up lasting me quite a while, I think about 3 months in total!

Goodbye Postpartum Body Odor

Most of you who know me, know I LOVE to lift weights and work out. So using deodorant to make sure I smell fresh after a good workout is a MUST.

Earth Mama Organics Deodorant

Especially being a postpartum mama because the postpartum body odor is NO joke.

Yep, if you noticed you stink more after having a baby, it’s just another one of those body changes you go through. Yay, right?!

Well, prior to finding Earth Mama, I had yet to find and actually be impressed with a natural deodorant that would keep me smelling fresh and feeling good.

Fortunately, during my pregnancy, I didn’t have such strong body odor, but something about those postpartum hormones really make you stink, hah!

*Fun Fact* — deodorant and antiperspirant are NOT the same. Deodorants simply control the odor. While antiperspirants actually contain aluminum compounds (some even have more toxic chemicals) that block sweat via clogging your pores.

The best natural deodorant for pregnancy

In case you didn’t already catch on, hands down, Earth Mama’s Deodorant is the best for pregnant, postpartum, AND everyday moms looking to use more natural & safe products.

I could only wish I had found this sooner during my pregnancy, but I’m glad I eventually came across it towards the end.

To this day, it’s my absolute go-to deodorant and you know what? I get compliments ALL the time asking what fabric softener I use or what body spray I’m using that “smells so good”.

You can imagine the look on people’s faces when I tell them it’s my deodorant, LOL!

Natural Deodorant for Moms Review

What I absolutely LOVE THE MOST about Earth Mama’s Deodorant is that they contain NO toxic chemicals! They’re formulated specifically for sensitive skin, expecting mamas and breastfeeding mamas!

Ingredients: The ingredients are VERY natural and clean + have been dermatologist & clinically tested for irritation! Sorry not sorry, you won’t be finding any pore-clogging ingredients in this deodorant!

Smell: Earth Mama did an amazing job using organic essential oils to create a deodorant that actually gets rid of that postpartum body odor smell!

Being a mama that loves to break a sweat in the gym, I was a bit skeptical this deodorant would hold up and boy was I wrong! I smelled just as fresh after my workout as I did going into the gym! In case you’re wondering, my favorite scent is tied between the Calming Lavender & Bright Citrus.

Earth Mama Organics Mini Deodorant 4-Pack

No Residue Left Behind: One thing I absolutely cannot stand with deodorants is the residue they leave behind. I’ve tried 2 other natural brands who failed epically.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Earth Mama deodorant did not stain or leave any residue on my shirts – fresh smooth pits for days!

The packaging: I really love that their Mini-Deodorant 4-Pack came in small, travel-friendly sizes! It was a really convenient way to try all 4 scents. Plus, I could conveniently carry them around for the times I’d need them most!

Earth Mama Organics Mini Deodorant 4-Pack

What I didn’t love so much? To be honest, these deodorants worked so well it surprised me. I did find that you have to apply the deodorant stick twisted out pretty low, otherwise, it will melt off to the sides. Then, you’ll have to use your finger to wipe it back into the dispenser.

Aside from that small detail, I would highly recommend this product to anyone, especially pregnant & nursing mamas looking for a safe-clean alternative to keeping their pits fresh 🙂

This natural deodorant by Earth Mama for women will be in my daily staples from here on out!

Did you switch to a natural deodorant during your pregnancy?

Drop your answers below in the comments

Benefits of using Natural Deodorant while Pregnant

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