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Popular Baby Items You Don’t Need (seriously, save your money!).

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Wondering what essential baby items you should be stocking up on and which ones you should pass up? Well, it turns out, there are quite a few popular baby items you DON’T need. This article lists them all out.

I remember when I made my very first baby registry I was so torn on what to add to my registry list. On one hand, I had watched countless youtube gurus swearing up and down how baby wipe warmers were a MUST. Then I hear friends who are also moms tell me not to waste my money. Who was right?

It turns out, there isn’t really a right or wrong, but a what baby items will be best for your lifestyle.

I’ll help you narrow it down by telling you the baby items I think are a total waste of money and just another marketing gimmick targeted towards (you guessed it), new moms.

Popular Baby Items You Don’t Need

1) Baby Wipe Warmer

Sorry baby wipes warmer, you didn’t make the necessity list.

Wipe warmers seem like a great idea, that is until your little one starts to refuse to let you use wipes that aren’t in the warmer, like ever. And if you ever have to travel or be on the road, there’s a chance the warmer won’t be with you.

The other caveat to using a wipe warmer is that they can sometimes be a fire hazard, yikes! Quite a few have been recalled according to an article on Parents.

So, with all that in mind, yes, you can live without a wipe warmer. Many babies have been born and raised without using warm baby wipes to clean up their bottoms.

If your little one truly is sensitive to how warm the wipe is, try grabbing 2-4 baby wipes (this brand of wipes is one of my favorites) and running them under some warm water before use (this was a little hack I learned when my son was in the NICU).

2) Newborn Baby Shoes

Let’s be real, newborn baby shoes never stay on their feet. Yes, they’re cute, but they’re far more annoying to constantly pick up or search for after your baby gets their foot out.

Not to mention, babies will outgrow them so quickly, that within a month or two you’ll already be on the hunt for the next size up. If budgeting and frugal living is of value to your family, I say pass on the shoes.

I’d vote to spend the money on something that will actually benefit your baby, like a baby sleep guide or a white noise machine. Something more useful than shoes that will likely end up lost or outgrown in no time.

3) Baby Mittens

I know you’re thinking I’m crazy on this one, and maybe I am, but hear me out.

Babies have sharp little nails and can (and will) scratch their faces, BUT they often find ways to get the classic elastic-bound mittens off!

Plus, newborn mittens are so tiny you’ll likely lose a couple in the wash or on the go. Instead, opt for the onesie pajamas that have foldable sleeves/mitten cuffs already attached.

Another great option is the Goumi Baby Organic Mittens that have a velcro strap to secure them onto your baby’s wrist (preventing them from slipping off). See, I told you I wasn’t too crazy on this one.

4) Fancy Baby Clothes (multi-piece sets)

Again, I get it. They’re cute & adorable.

Baby clothing can add up. Cute outfit time and time again, plus they outgrow them within a few weeks.

Save yourself the hassle and only opt for the necessities for the first 6 months, then when their growth slows down a little, splurge on some cute baby outfits. I feel like that is a pretty fair approach, right?

Though there will be some exceptions — my 2nd baby boy was a big guy. He pretty much skipped the newborn to 3-month size and is now 9 months old wearing 18-month-old clothing.

You better believe I’m only getting what I need for him. For the record, these stretchy soft footies by Finn + Emma have lasted us the longest without him outgrowing them too quickly.

5) Multiple baby bottle sets

The idea of a baby bottle gift set is great if you know 100% your baby will take those bottles, but often times baby will go through a few before you find “the one”.

Instead of adding these large baby bottle gift sets to your baby registry, opt for small, single bottles instead. Plus, wherever you create your baby registry at will likely have some free bottles to give away as a thank you also!

6) Expensive Bedding Sets:

The AAP recommends that ONLY your baby be placed in a crib or bassinet to sleep to adhere to safe sleep guidelines and help prevent SIDS.

That means all those cute extra fluffy blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, bumper pads, and more are a solid waste of money. Instead of getting an overpriced crib set, opt to get 2-3 (at most) crib sheets.

If you’re worried about your baby being cold, you can use thicker fleece pajamas. The recommended room temp is between 68-72 degrees so unless you live somewhere where it gets freezing, your baby is likely alright.

A little mom hack tip, as long as your baby’s chest, back, and tummy are warm (not hot/ not cold) you’re good to go!

7) “Smart” Sleeper Bassinets

The new and cool thing to do these days, is to spend $400+ on a fancy baby sleeper that can automatically soothe, rock, and take care of your baby, right?

As much as I want to love those items, I just can’t justify them.

Trust me, I KNOW how easy it is to think you need one of these high-end bassinets when you’re literally sleep-deprived, willing to pay any price tag if it means to can get some sleep, but I promise you don’t need it.

You will be A-OK with a flat sleeper like your baby crib or even a more portable option like this (I had this with my 2nd baby and highly suggest it actually).

Usually, if your baby is struggling to sleep, it isn’t the bassinet that’s the issue, but something else (are they eating enough, are they overtired, are they not tired enough, are there any noises waking them, etc…).

8) Fancy diaper bags

You don’t need a fancy, expensive diaper bag to prove you’re a cool mom, there I said it.

Now, I know having a nice bag just feels good because once we become moms, our purses suddenly disappear. We then graduate to using diaper bags to tote all our belongings as well as our baby’s.

Instead, you can get a totally cute, but affordable diaper bag like one of these from KeaBabies! I absolutely LOVE this diaper bag! It’s spacious, fashionable, durable, and it doesn’t cost much either!

What items do new parents REALLY NEED?

Alright, new mamas and papas, you NEED the baby essentials.

baby diapers

The rest ends up being more items for conveniency, which, I’m also a big part of IF they serve a beneficial purpose.

So what are baby essentials that babies actually need?

If you’re still unsure what to add to your baby registry, be sure to read Baby Essentials For The First 3 Months (Newborn Baby Guide). It’ll guide you through EXACTLY which items you should be signing up for.

  • Diapers (Various sizes as your little one will be growing quickly & many stores allow you to exchange them as long as they’re unopened).
  • Baby Wipes (I like to go with natural, scent-free wipes to make sure nothing agitates baby’s gentle skin, but it’s up to you).
  • Various sized onesies and sleepers (bonus – get the ones with foldable sleeves that double as mittens).
  • Portable Changing pad (disposable or reusable ones).
  • Various swaddles (I personally like the velcro and zip ones as they make swaddling 10x easier).
  • Baby bottles (even if you plan to breastfeed).
  • Burp cloths (get lots of these).
  • Diaper rash cream and bathing essentials.

I could add a lot more items as to what I think would be essential for me, but if you have the above items, you’re bound to be prepared 🙂

Overview of common baby items you can LIVE WITHOUT!

Basically, stick with the essential baby items listed at the top of this blog post and you’ll be golden!

If you have any BABY ITEMS you think are a total waste, drop a comment below and share your thoughts!

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