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Creative ways to document pregnancy

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Congratulations, you’re expecting! Pregnancy is a time full of so many emotions and definitely one you’ll want to cherish forever. That’s why this list of memorable and creative ways to document pregnancy will help you cherish all the special moments that lay ahead.

If there’s one thing I did during my second pregnancy that I did not do during my first, was spend enough time capturing each moment throughout my pregnancy. With this list, you won’t make the same mistakes as I did.

Creative ways to document pregnancy that you’ll remember forever

1. Use a pregnancy planner

Using a pregnancy planner is a great way to track every step of your pregnancy!

It also helps you stay organized, complete all the things that need to get done before the baby arrives, and allows you to track each trimester!

The pregnancy planner I personally recommend is the Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner!

What I love the most is that it’s broken down into EACH trimester (as seen in the photos below):

Oh baby pregnancy planner to do list

I also really enjoyed that this pregnancy planner includes preparation sheets of ‘things to do’ before baby arrives such as preparing your home, preparing your finances, and preparing to go on maternity leave!

oh baby pregnancy planner preparation

Now, this is NOT the only pregnancy planner on the market, however, it’s the one I used and really enjoyed which is why I have to mention it. I tend to be someone that also likes things very structured and organized which this planner does very well.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love it too!

One thing I did that was not in the planner is I had created my own little photo sleeves to insert our sonogram photos (which were pretty minimal) under the corresponding trimester.

So, you can totally take this and put your own spin on it as well!

OH BABY Pregnancy Planner | FitMommyStrong

2. Take bump pictures week by week

Taking bump pictures was one of my FAVORITE things during my first pregnancy!

Once my son was born, I was able to look back week by week and see that growing belly each week. I was also able to compare my second pregnancy to the first and boy were they SO different!

Now, if you’re shy, don’t even worry! You don’t have to share these photos or post them online, girl take them for your own memories!

As you can see down below, I put a little side by side comparison of my personal “bumpies” aka bump selfies I took when I was pregnant with my boys!

How to take weekly baby bump pictures

I personally find the side standing position to be the best because you can really visualize your growing baby bump well.

However, there really is NO wrong way to take these! I tend to be pretty informal with my photos. I don’t dress up all fancy.

I just stand in the same position, usually in the same spot of our home, prop up my phone and auto-time those babies!

These are side by side comparisons between my first pregnancy and my second pregnancy.

32 week pregnancy bump

3. Make a sonogram scrapbook

This was actually a really cute little design I had found on Pinterest! One woman created pre-made scrapbook pages so that you don’t have to do any work other than simply attaching your photos!

You can check out the scrapbook pages here.

However, if you’re pretty crafty, you could totally make these on your own!

Go grab a nice little scrapbook, get yourself some stickers, and maybe a little accessory kit to customize it and have fun designing this cute custom scrapbook to document your pregnancy!

4. Write letters to baby (monthly)

I absolutely LOVE this idea and really wish I had taken the time do to these.

I’ve actually seen that you can purchase an envelope book called, “Letters to my baby“. It comes with pre-made envelopes all marked for your little one to one day be able to open and read!

Or, you can get your own envelopes, your own stationary and write your own letters to your soon to be little one!

Either way, it’ll have just as much meaning the day you write them and the day you get to watch your little bundle of joy open them up!

5. Start a Pregnancy and Baby Memory Book

The pregnancy and baby memory book is kind of a combination between the scrapbook and pregnancy planner.

You basically get a memory book created to capture the memories as early on through your pregnancy up until after the baby is born!

It’s just another great way to gather all those sweet memories and place them all into one place that you’ll always be able to look back on.

One of my favorite memory books is called: The luxury baby memory book (my baby journal)

my baby journal

6. Create a belly casting mold

I’ve heard from many of my mama friends that one of their favorite activities to do while pregnant was to make a belly casting kit!

Some of them kept their casts as decoration in the home while others simply just use it for photo purposes.

Whichever route you choose to go, make sure you get yourself a reliable DIY kit, like this one by Pearhead!

You can totally have fun with these by painting them, leaving them as is, dressing them up a bit — the options are endless!

7. Take Maternity Photos

Alright, this one’s a given, right? Professional maternity photos are SO much fun (at least I think they are). Unfortunately, these tend to be by far the priciest option on this list, so if it’s not something in your budget, that’s OK too!

For our second pregnancy, we had our maternity shoot scheduled for May, which was right around the time the whole COVID-19 situation peaked. Needless to say, we had to cancel our photos and weren’t able to have a session.

HOWEVER, that didn’t stop us! We threw on some decent clothes, got in our backyard, set up our phone on a self-timer, and snapped some photos!

Even though they weren’t “professional” quality, they were still meaningful to us, and that’s all that mattered. Definitely one of my favorite creative ways to document pregnancy.

You can check out some of the pics from our little ‘backyard photoshoot’ pics below!

backyard maternity photo
backyard maternity photo

8. Use a Pregnancy App

I’m a huge fan of using pregnancy apps to track the baby’s weekly progress simply because they’re pretty fun and I may have learned a thing or two from the fun facts most of them share.

These pregnancy apps are seriously the BEST for tracking your pregnancy:

9. Record the heartbeat

Listening to your baby’s heartbeat while still in your belly is one of the sweetest things you’ll ever get to listen to. Recording this precious sound is great for military or first responder families that are separated for some time.

And it’s also just a great way to listen to that beautiful sound of your baby’s heart beating when you are stuck up late at night thanks to good ol’ pregnancy insomnia.

Featured: My Baby’s Heartbeat Animal

These adorable stuffed animals feature a 20-second recorder to capture your baby’s precious heartbeat for you to listen to over and over again.

10. This week, baby ate:_____ (weekly or monthly cravings log)

This was one I never did while pregnant, but I always enjoyed seeing other moms on Instagram share a photo of their weekly cravings aside their baby bump!

I remember scrolling through Instagram and seeing one mom posed with her giant In N’ Out Hamburger meal perfectly balanced on top of her 7-month baby bump, adorable and silly all at the same time!

What pregnancy cravings can you creatively incorporate into some bump pics?

11. Record Videos To Baby

This idea is very similar to writing letters to your baby except, you’re making a video instead!

I really love this idea because your baby won’t have to know how to read before you’re able to start playing these heartfelt videos back to them. I didn’t do this on a weekly or monthly basis, but I do have a few videos I recorded during those late, uncomfortable nights where I just turned on the camera and talked to my baby. I love looking back and listening to these personal messages and just seeing how much love I had for my baby boy long before he was ever born.

12. Letterboard Photos

Letterboard photos are kind of like the “go-to” option because, at one point or another, every mom has used a letter board. Even I have used one once.

You can put up an inspirational pregnancy quote, do a little sarcastic message, pop in a little craving hint, or just announce your gestational age for a cute belly bump update.

Here are a few inspirational ideas for your next letterboard pregnancy photos:

  • Funny pregnancy craving letterboard photo by @honestlymommy on Instagram

13. Track Your Belly Measurements

This one is fun, however, it can also be somewhat problematic for moms who struggle with their body.

Tracking your baby bump measurement is as simple as buying a pack of measuring tapes like these and measuring around your belly once a month (or as often/as little as you’d like).

You can visually see how much your baby is growing and save these measurements in your pregnancy planner next to the corresponding sonogram photos!

14. Make a Keepsake Box

I absolutely love keepsake boxes, especially when they’re pregnancy and baby-related! This little keepsake box, The Vault, is my all-time favorite box because it gives you room to not only include items from your pregnancy but also to save items as your baby gets older.

It comes with vertical files to keep things like documents and sonograms safe, drawers to put small items inside, and a little cubby to tuck in even more sweet baby items.

15. Weekly Countdown Maternity Shirt

Lastly, cherish this special moment in your life while crossing off the final days on this maternity countdown shirt!

Then snap a few photos and stick them into a shadow box all together like this one to always remember those final days before your bundle of joy joined your world.

Now, you should have plenty of creative ways to document pregnancy so that you never forget any part of this special chapter in your life.

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