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Give the Best Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms

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Seeing that “positive” pregnancy test & knowing you’re going to become a mom for the first time is such a special moment.

Imaging all the unknowns like whether you’ll have a boy or girl, what will he/she look like? what will their name be? what personality will they have? how will you decorate the nursery? And much, much more!

To celebrate this special moment, you may start planning your baby shower. And with a baby shower, comes gifts!

If you need some pointers, these are hands down the BEST pregnancy gifts for first time moms (whether you’re the one registering for them or you’re the gifter looking for ideas).

Best Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms

Best Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms

Make or Buy a Pregnancy Gift Basket

A gift basket for mom to be makes such a lovely gift because it can be 100% tailored to her (and baby’s) exact needs!

If mom’s favorite color is blue, you can add a personal touch of blue items.

If her favorite scent is lavender, you can throw in some relaxing lavender scented items.

And if you’re not much of a DIY-er, you can get an already made Pregnancy Gift Baskets & Boxes such as:

Doctor recommended prenatal vitamin

One of the best gifts we can ever give someone, is a gift to promote their health!

This couldnt’ be more true throughout a woman’s pregnancy as she simply needs lots of nourishment for her everchanging body and baby!

Instead of a random vitamin your friend’s pregnant sister told you about, give mom the gift of a scientifically researched & doctor recommended prenatal vitamin: Needed.

Needed was created to fill the gap of missing nutrients that 95% of women face daily without even realizing it — a deficiency that shouldn’t go ignored when growing a baby.

Plus, Needed supports a community give-back program, where they’re committed to donating product to pregnant and breastfeeding women in need — talk about proper nourishment done right!

Give the gift of Needed today!

Ultimate Postpartum Guide for New Moms

Giving The Ultimate Postpartum Guide for New & Expecting Moms is like giving a new mom an instruction manual for their ENTIRE postpartum period!

Sometime we all wish we had at some point, right?

This guide will help mom not just understand what to expect after baby is born, but also how to flourish through these changes ranging from emotionally, physically and more!

Pregnancy Teas

Most pregnancy teas are created to help support mom to be through the various stages of their pregnancy.

A few of my personal favorites are by Earth Mama Organics and Pink Stork.

You really can’t go wrong with either one s lot

Give the gift of comfort – a pregnancy pillow

Getting sleep throughout pregnancy typically becomes less and less as mom gets closer to her due date.

One way to show some extra TLC is by gifting her a gift to hopefully help her catch some sleep — a pregnancy pillow!

Calming Oil diffuser

Oils have been a hit over the past few years.

Truth is, I’m not a major oil person, BUT — I do find some calming lavender in an oil diffuser to be very relaxing.

If you’re unsure what mom to be will like, try getting her an assortment of oils to start off with along with a nice oil diffuser for the home!

Coffee for Moms

If mom to be is a coffee lover & worried about consuming too much caffeine — Mommee Coffee is a great alternative!

Though, as long as she keeps her caffeine below 250-300mg/day, she should be fine (as long she doesn’t have any known complications or risks)!

A Pregnancy Planner

Depending on how early mom is in her pregnancy, a pregnancy planner can help mom stay organized, keep her appointments logged, jot down questions for her doctor and much much more!

This post has a TON of pregnancy planners & journal ideas.

Or if you can’t decide, you won’t go wrong with this Pregnancy Planner Bundle — it’s loaded with over 30 pages of checklists, journal entries, lists, trackers, and much more!

Pregnancy Planner (Printable Bundle)

Pregnancy Bath Salts

Being pregnant is tiring.

Mom’s body is on overdrive making a baby on top of her daily routine which could be working, taking care of the home or trying to live an active lifestyle.

No matter what it is, eventually, pregnant moms need some relaxation time.

Help mom relax with some pregnancy bath salts like these ones — specifically made for expecting moms to support relief from those achy pains, nausea, and stress!

An Online Birthing Class

Most expecting moms won’t openly share their fears or worries about giving birth (especially for the first time).

Knowing that birth is a very special, but involved process that truly takes preparation to be ready — gifting mom a online birthing class where she can take as her own pace in the comfort of her own home is one of the BEST gifts you could ever give!

Here’s an online birthing class I personally took and highly suggest for all expecting moms (plus, it was created by an experienced Labor & Delivery Nurse!)

Not to mention, even more reason for her partner to participate in watching the class as well!

pregnancy online class

Baby’s First Year Book

It’s important to cherish those early memories from the day baby is born.

Why? Because time flies by way too fast and we can never get those precious moments back.

So, help mom capture all the small meaningful moments but gifting her Baby’s First Year Book!

You can get a pretty classic option like this Pearhead Baby Book or a more personalized option like this Love & Wild Baby Book.

Pregnancy Cook Book

Staying healthy throughout pregnancy is so important.

Not just for baby’s health, but mom too!

One way to show you care about mama’s well-being is to gift her the pregnancy cook book!

Loaded with TONS of recipes — literally over 100 pages of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that are EASY & HEALTHY to make!

You can grab a copy of the Pregnancy Cook Book, print it out, and put it in a cute little binder for mom to be — making one sweet gift for mama.

Helpful Pregnancy Gifts for New Moms

Aside from the usual gifts, these ones are “think outside the box” kind of gifts.

Ones that go BEYOND the norm to really help mom to be feel supported throughout her pregnancy!

Healthy Smoothie Delivery

Lets be real here, nobody (unless you’re a robot) will have the time or energy to whip up fresh meals each day with a newborn.

And throughout pregnancy, mom will likely be exhausted from being on her feet all day long anyways.

Help mom save some time & sanity by gifting her freshly prepped meals, ready to blend smoothies (SmoothieBox has the most delicious prepped smoothie blends I’ve ever tried), or a gift card for easy meal delivery services, I swear she’ll be appreciating the kind gesture forever.

Meal Delivery

Just like smoothie deliveries are a unique way to help mom-to-be get in some extra nutrients by saving time, you can also give her the gift of meal delivery!

Send her a gift card to GrubHub so she can order whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

Not only is this an excellent pregnancy gift, but if she chooses to hold onto it, it’ll be an AMAZING postpartum essential during those early weeks with baby!

Postpartum Doula Services

Making sure new moms have support at all times after giving birth is crucial for an enjoyable postpartum experience.

If you aren’t able to offer up help yourself, consider pitching in with other friends and family members to gift mom a Postpartum Doula!

You can find local postpartum doulas through the International Childbirth Education Association or DONA International.

Breastfeeding Class

As a fellow breastfeeding mom, I am one to be upfront and honest when I say — it wasn’t easy!

I was faced with many breastfeeding challenges, the kind you’d only learn about if you experienced them or took an in-depth breastfeeding class that teaches you how to navigate through them.

Since I didn’t take a class until AFTER the struggles, I had to experience these difficulties and at times, almost gave up!

Instead of waiting for mom to reach that point, gift her this affordable breastfeeding class instead!

My dear friend Katie (the creator of the course) does a brilliant job breaking EVERYTHING down and covers pretty much ANY breastfeeding challenge and topic you can try to think of.

This breastfeeding class is truly filled with so much knowledge I recommend every new or expecting mom check it out — or even better, get it gifted to them!

Postpartum Recovery Journal

The postpartum recovery journal is a fun & inspirational journal JUST FOR MOMS!

With checklists to help new moms track their recovery process, keep track of their mental health, and inspirational journal prompts to help them feel supported & empowered throughout this journey.

Created by a postpartum mom FOR postpartum moms — you can’t go wrong with this gift!

Newborn Baby Preparation Support

Lastly, nobody ever really knows what they’re getting into when they bring baby home for the first time.

What will sleep be like? Do you have to wake baby up to feed them & change their diaper? How much should baby be eating? So many questions new moms find themselves asking.

That’s where the Newborn Basics Bundle comes in!

An online course bundle to not only help moms learn & understand how to get their baby’s to sleep, but also a little 411 on ALL things newborn care!

Think of it as a little instruction manual in your pocket to help you take care of baby, who doesn’t want that?!

If you really want to WOW mama with one of the best gifts ever, the Newborn Basics Bundle is the way to go!

There you go, a full list of the BEST gifts for first time moms.

Trust me, she’ll be forever thankful after receiving one of these gifts that help her feel loved, supported, and most of all cherish the memory of pregnancy.

Best Gifts for Expecting Moms — What would you add to the list?

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