Young baby with someones hands holding their legs and performing a gas massage


  1. I feel like I was reading my life with this post … my son is definitely suffering from reflux and horrible gas pains. I feel so bad about it and have literally tried everything you have listed up til this point. The gripe water worked the first time when he was 3 weeks old … and then it didn’t work again after that. One thing that wasn’t mentioned in here are food intolerances or allergies. My first son had tons of intolerances and I was hoping this one didn’t… but I think that’s why he’s having so many issues. I had my milk tested and I’m waiting back on results. In the meantime, I’ve planned to take out the same allergens my other son had: dairy, soy, gluten, eggs and nuts. I’m hoping it helps and starts to give him some relief.

    1. Mama, I am so sorry your little babe is experiencing this. I know it is so hard feeling so helpless as they are in discomfort. Extending so much love your way and I hope they find the source of his discomfort soon so you can both get some relief. xoxo <3

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