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Why using a ring sling carrier for baby will make your life 10x easier!

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When it comes to finding the best baby carrier, it’s not surprising there’s an abundant of options. Up until my 2nd baby, I managed to try almost EVERY carrier except the ring sling! Want to know is using a ring sling carrier is all it’s chalked up to be?

Here’s the thing, every baby is different.

You may find that with one baby select products are awesome, but when your 2nd baby arrives, all those products now suck!

That’s kind of what happened to me with a baby carrier.

I personally still love our original Lillebaby Air Flow carrier…but unfortunately, my 2nd little dude didn’t.

He’s got WAY chunkier legs than my first ever did and sometimes the fabric digs into his legs which he doesn’t like and well… who can blame him?

Then we had our beloved baby wrap carrier. Works well, but since he’s bigger it stretches out a little more and gets hot really fast with all that fabric.

I wanted something to hold him in a way where he felt comfort, support and soothed without getting too hot or being uncomfortable from the fabric.

This led me to try out the one carrier I had yet to try: THE RING SLING BABY CARRIER!

And fortunately for us, Nalakai Eco-Friendly Baby Goods gifted us the CUTEST ring sling in the gorgeous fabric color ‘STORM to try out!

Baby wearing in Nalakai Ring Sling

Are ring slings safe?

When I began my search for a ring sling, I saw all these claims that ring sling carriers are ‘dangerous’ for baby or how babies aren’t supported well.

So I started looking into it and you know what I found?

Ring Sling Carriers are TOTALLY safe for you and baby!

The dilemma comes with how they’re used.

You see, when you wear a ring sling carrier, there isn’t a multi-layer of wrap going around baby multiple times, it’s just one snug sling.

Hence the importance to follow strict guidelines (and practice often) when using this baby carrier:

  • Make sure your sling can support your baby’s weight.
  • Check age/weight ranges (some have larger fabric that may pose more dangerous for smaller newborns).
  • ALWAYS make sure you can see baby’s face when wearing.
  • Make sure knees sit ABOVE their baby bum.
  • Make sure the sling fabric is laced through the rings correctly (to prevent fabric losing it’s tightness).

Benefits of using a ring sling baby carrier

Now to the fun stuff — the benefits of using a ring sling and why they’re totally awesome!

Plus, I’m also going to share why I hands down LOVE the Nalakai Ring Sling we received!

You can breastfeed in a ring sling carrier

You read that correctly, you can breastfeed your baby COMFORTABLY in a ring sling carrier! Finally!

As a breastfeeding mama, I keep asking myself how I managed to survive so long without one of these carriers!

The first day I used our Nalakai carrier, I was hesitant to try and breastfeed in it. However, because it was so easy to get on and adjust, I decided to give it a try!

I loosened the fabric to align my baby’s face close to my breast, latched him on and kept my hand behind his back for extra support. Once he was finished, I unlatched him and make sure to prop him back upright and we were done!

IT WAS BEYOND EASY! Especially when compared to the other bulkier carriers that don’t allow the kind of adjustments you need when nursing a baby.

I do, however, suggest that when nursing in ANY baby carrier, you try to sit down and minimize movement. Moving around while baby is trying to drink can be a choking hazard.

The other cool thing about these slings, is that you can use the “loose” or “extra tail fabric” to flip over as a nursing cover!

Talk about a major win-win!

Here’s a photo of me nursing my little guy and using the tail fabric of our Nalakai Ring Sling as a cover like I mentioned.

Nursing baby in Nalakai ring sling

They grow with baby from birth to toddlerhood

Here’s another fun fact: Most Ring Slings were designed to grow with babies from newborn to toddlerhood!

I had NO idea that such a simple sling would be able to grow with baby througout toddlerhood!

After using the Nalakai Ring Sling for a couple of weeks now, I can totally see how it’s possible. In fact, I plopped my 2-year old into it just the other day and it supported him just as well as it does my 3 month old!

Ring sling carriers provide support for mom and baby

One of the things I like the most about the ring sling carrier is that the fabric is wide as it wraps around your back.

That means no digging fabric or straps into your sides, no thin pieces on your back giving you no support.

You literally get to feel like the wrap is doing all the work holding your baby, because it kind of is

As someone with a bad back (especially after the 9 epidural attempts when my 2nd was born), I can’t have too much pressure on my spine without it causing discomfort.

With the ring sling, I never have to worry about that discomfort, ever! It’s pretty relieving.

Aside from support, ring slings allow you to carry and soothe your baby close to your chest effortlessly, making them highly desirable for those with colicky or fussy babies.

When baby is positioned in the front carry hold, the fabric massages your baby’s belly, improving digestion, and helps prevent reflux & colic.

Extra fabric can be used in various ways (neck support for baby, nursing cover…)

I mentioned earlier how the sling fabric can be wrapper over to double as a nursing cover.

You can also use the extra tail fabric for:

  • Making a small neck pillow for baby.
  • Wrapping it around the rings.
  • If it has a pocket like the Nalakai Ring Sling, you can stash your phone or baby’s pacifier inside (see photo below).
  • Using as a shade if you’re outside in the sun.
Rocking baby in Nalakai Ring Sling

They’re EASY to adjust

Finally, using our Nalakai Ring Sling was very easy to thread, wear and adjust!

It’s as easy as lifting the top ring slightly as you gently glide out the fabric you need to loosen. Then simply tugging on the tail end fabric closest to the rings to tighten.

It’s a lot harder to explain if you’ve never worn or used a ring sling before, but fortunately, Nalakai Eco-Friendly Baby Goods has an awesome youtube page with tons of tutorials, like the one below!

The best ring sling carrier for mom & baby

If it hasn’t been obvious enough, I cannot recommend the Nalakai Ring Sling Carrier enough!

When we received our sling, it came in a cute portable eco-friendly carrying case, with an easy to follow how-to guide and link to their youtube channel.

Nalakai Ring Sling Packaging

Besides the lovely packaging, one of the things that made this carrier stand out amongst some of the others was that it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Nalakai not only makes high-quality ring slings that are AFFORDABLE, but they also give back 5% of their proceeds to low-income families in Costa Rica.

The slings are made of extra soft, breathable bamboo fabric that doesn’t need to be “broken in” like some of the other pure linen fabrics.

And, did you know bamboo fabric cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays? This was another bonus.

In regards to safety — Nalakai is safety-tested and complies with the CPSIA 2008 and ASTM safety standards. This is important and if you ever purchase a ring sling, you should check to make sure they’re in compliance with these standards.

Needless to say, I’ll be needing to snag a few more of these ring slings by Nalakai to make sure my color variety is fully stocked!

Baby wearing with Nalakai Ring Sling

Do you have a favorite ring sling carrier??

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