image shows a baby sleeping wearing a blue striped Woolino Merino Wool Sleep Sack


  1. May i ask what temp do you have AC on and do you use short or long sleeve onesie for night sleep?

    1. Of course, during the cooler months I keep the room around 70-73 degrees F at most and use a long sleeve onesie; during the warmer months I keep the room around 67-70 degrees F and use a short sleeve onesie 🙂

  2. I want to purchase one for our 2 y/o so thinking of buying the toddler size. Is this just too big to use for his *hopeful* younger sibling?!

    1. Hi! Aw congrats! Yes, the toddler size 2-4 years would likely be too big for any child under 2 years of age. I found the size down lasted my toddler until roughly 2.5 years though 🙂

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