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Affordable & Practical Baby Shower Gifts for Mom and Baby

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Practical Baby Shower Gifts for mom & baby.

You’re probably reading this post because you have yet to get a baby shower gift for the special pregnant mama in your life. Maybe you’re a mama to be that hasn’t made her registry yet because theres SO much out there to register for! Thats why I made this awesome list of practical baby shower gifts for mom & baby!

First things first, MAMA – if you haven’t made your baby registry yet, head over to Amazon’s Page and create your baby registry today!

They have amazing benefits and freebies that make it my personal favorite baby shower registry.

After having our own baby shower last year, I can tell you by FAR, the best gifts were the most practical ones we use every single day.

I broke the post up into two sections to make it easier to find what you need. One for practical gifts for mom and practical gifts for baby!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mom To Be

Practical Baby Shower Gifts for MOM

Let’s jump into practical gifts for the mom-to-be. As a first-time mom, I can definitely tell you I wish I had registered for more ‘mom-specific’ gifts.

Because as much as pregnancy is all about baby, us moms are still here!

We spent almost 6-8 weeks recovering after birth. Wow, is that time uncomfortable and just flat-out exhausting.

So let’s talk about some practical gifts you can get the expecting mom to ease some of that stress, shall we?

Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

An Amazon membership is such a great way to help a new mom out! I remember all the times I was in need of a last-minute item but was too tired to leave the house. Who’s got your back in these situations if baby daddy isn’t around? Amazon, duh.

Snag mom her own membership here before it’s too late!

Spa Giftcard (hair, nails, massage, etc…)

Listen, new moms need a break. I’ll never forget when my husband sent me to the nail salon to get my nails done during the 2nd week postpartum. He paid for my nail service. It just felt so nice to step away for a little bit without being spit-up on, nursed on, etc…

Airfryer for mom

An airfryer is a fast and easy way to whip up some healthy meals! Plus, they’re pretty inexpensive too, like this one (and it has awesome reviews).

An airfryer is a great gift for expecting moms because it won’t only help her prepare healthy meals for her family, but it’ll also help her make postpartum recovery meals extra easy as well!

Breastfeeding or Pumping Online Class

Breastfeeding and/or pumping is one of the hardest things a new mom will go through if she elects to do so. News flash: Breastfeeding doesn’t always come easy!

By taking one of these courses, will not only help prepare but help her go into it with the confidence of knowing what to do and who to ask for support!

You can grab her access to my personal favorite online breastfeeding course here!

Comfortable robe

Most new mom days are spent on the rocker or sofa with the baby. Why not get mom a little something comfy so she can lounge around feeling comfortable!

Plus, robes make for easy nursing or pumping access!

FYI, Kindred Bravely makes BY FAR the best clothing for pregnant and postpartum mamas!

Gift Card(s)

You can never go wrong with gift cards! You can do something more general such as Amazon for everyday needs or Target so she can officially be a Target Mom like the rest of us 😉

If you’re feeling extra gracious, a Kindred Bravely gift card is always appreciated!

Pitch in for a more expensive gift

If mom has most of the smaller items already, you can get a group together to pitch in a few bucks towards a more expensive gift!

Some more expensive gifts mom could likely really use would include:

Practical Baby Shower Gifts for Baby

Moving onto practical baby shower gifts for baby! This one’s a little bit easier because babies really don’t need ALL that much.

They do and they don’t. However, I’ve found that keeping things basic has made our lives so much easier with a baby!

To make things a little easier, I also made sure that MOST of these options are budget-friendly items for baby!

Diaper Genie to keep the stink away!

We LOVE our diaper genie! As long as you refill your bags frequently and don’t overfill them, it works 100% perfectly! No more poop-smelling room!

Velcro Swaddles to keep baby comfortable all night long!

These velcro swaddles are a lifesaver. Once baby begins to realize they can bust out of the traditional muslin swaddles, it’s game over!

This swaddle is such a great gift for new parents because it helps to promote sleep for babies! What parent doesn’t want a gift that could help their baby sleep?!

Baby Wrap – great for baby wearing!

The baby wraps are nice, especially when the baby is so small so that mom can freely move around and do things without having her arms all tied up. I definitely recommend these to everyone!

Bottle Warmer

At some point, the baby may need a bottle of formula or breast milk, having a basic bottle warmer to heat things up quickly is the way to go!

Baby Books instead of cards

Getting some basic first books for baby is a great way to help new parents establish a routine with their little one, like reading a short story before bed. This also helps the baby’s development as they get older too!

White Noise Machine to help promote safe sleep for baby!

Help the new mom, dad, and baby get some much-needed sleep with a sound machine! By far a win-win for everyone.

Plus, many of them are portable these days which means mom can plop it in the stroller or even in the car to help her little one nap on the go if needed!

Learning Toy or Activity

Though baby won’t use this for some time, any type of learning toy is always beneficial! Babies are constantly developing and growing. Toys to help them conquer new milestones are always beneficial!

Silicone Bib (food catcher)

Nothing for immediate usage, but this will come in handy when the baby begins solids! No more messy floors which I think mom to be will greatly appreciate it!

Overall, when it comes to selecting practical gifts (and if there isn’t a baby registry to follow) try to think of it in terms of baby’s growth and development!

For instance, you know they need to eat to grow and you know when they grow, they’ll need a variety of clothing options.

Instead of getting 1 outfit, get a small set with a variety of sizes! Instead of getting a pacifier, get them a small variety of bottles to try out!

You could even get creative and make a homemade baby shower gift! Regardless, it’s ultimately the thought that counts most!

Are there any other baby shower gift ideas you think should be added to this list? Leave them in a comment below!


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