mom extended breastfeeding her baby

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  1. I have been breastfeeding for over 8 years.
    Been pregnant 3 times
    (3 pairs of female twins)
    Sofia and Jojo
    7 years 10 months
    Anna and Elsa
    4 years 4 months
    Maddy and Olife
    1 year 1 month
    My husband and I had agreed that we would let everything take its course.
    We rely on breastfeeding as a natural birth control method.
    It has been very fruitful and effective for our family.
    2nd and 3rd pregnancy of last grade
    I’m pregnant and still haven’t had my postpartum period come back.
    Today, our current twins are breastfed all the time, but I haven’t gotten my period back after giving birth.
    And hopefully it will be a way to increase our baby birth gap for some time to come.

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