Postpartum is a struggle for many moms. Have you prepared?

Postpartum Planner

What if you had a way to prepare for postpartum with nothing to fear?


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  • Learn what to expect and how to have a thriving after birth recovery.
  • Build a reliable and trustworthy support system.
  • Plan and prepare for common postpartum challenges.
  • Identify key areas related to birth or postpartum that may be trigger points for you.
  • Keep track of all you and your baby’s after birth appointments.
  • Better understand your emotional and physical needs as a mother.
  • Find the confidence you need to communicate your needs with others.
  • Reconnect with your partner through guided journal prompts and worksheets.

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Will you lose yourself in motherhood?

It’s never too early to make a plan.

With the Postpartum Planner, you’ll get over 30 pages of worksheets, checklists, journal prompts, and more to help you check in with your deepest intricate needs as a mother in the fourth trimester so that you can confidently adjust to whatever challenges are in your way. Motherhood may feel tough sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever.

Meet Karissa

Karissa Whitman _ Mom After Baby

Hi, I’m Karissa! As a mother to two young boys myself, I know exactly how challenging it is not just adjusting to motherhood, but adjusting to the many changes that come along with each postpartum experience. That’s exactly why I created the Postpartum Planner!

I’ve grown so passionate about advocating for the maternal health needs of moms and it’s my mission to help more moms enjoy life after birth with grace and confidence through education and of course, a little bit of preparation.

Together, we can help moms all over the world slowly but surely start to see postpartum in a new light, one that’s surrounded by love and happiness instead of a constant dark cloud. Are you ready to join me?

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