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Why Every Mom Needs A Postpartum Planner If She’s Expecting

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Hey mama, are you pregnant? Have you prepared for your postpartum journey yet? If not, you’ve come to the right place!

Preparing for postpartum may seem like an insignificant task, after all, what can be harder than childbirth? However, postpartum challenges come with a more intricate level of challenges. The kind that requires a strong mind and mental state.

You may be thinking, “well, I took a childbirth class, isn’t that enough?” Unfortunately, mama, it’s not.

According to one study done by Ho and Holroyd (2002), they found that women in their study who attended childbirth education classes did not feel prepared for motherhood.

Though childbirth classes continue to evolve, and some do include introductory materials to postpartum, the vast majority of them are solely focused on helping you learn all about childbirth (reasonably so).

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, I don’t blame you. It’s a lot of information to take in.

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

With the help of a single Postpartum Planner, you can be on your way to experiencing the most positive fourth trimester every mom dreams of!

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Using a Postpartum Planner can help you Prepare for Postpartum!

When you’re tied up taking birth classes, scheduling hospital tours, attending doctor appointments — the last thing you’re probably thinking about is what life will be like postpartum

Sure you’ve read countless Instagram posts about how mom life is tough and how many of us cry with our babies, but it can’t be that bad right?

That’s the thing.

Being a mom isn’t whats hard.

It’s the small hidden challenges inside all the small details that pop up and make it things difficult.

It’s not that our babies cry, it’s that you haven’t slept more that 3 hours in the past 24 hours and your baby has been screeching in pain and you can’t figure out why.

But when you use the postpartum planner, you can start using some of the journal prompts to help you begin to understand what kind of thoughts or emotions you may be faced with after birth.

You can learn about different areas that might be considered a trigger point for you.

You can identify problems that your relationship may face after baby is born.

Once you become aware of these things, you are more inclined to know how to handle them.

At the very least, have resources and know who to ask for support if and when needed.

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Other benefits of using a Postpartum Planner?

Besides early awareness and preparation, using a postpartum planner can help you:

  • Organize all your after birth appointments (lactation consultants, pediatrician, OB/Midwife, specialty care, rehabilitation, etc…).
  • Build a support team of friends, family, and professionals to help you when times get tough.
  • Keep track of your physical recovery (important for both cesareans and vaginal deliveries).
  • Keep all your postpartum resources in one central location (for easy access in the event you need them or your partner can reach out to them for you).
  • Process your feelings after birth (between journal prompts and worksheets, this planner will help you work through some heavy feelings so you can determine whether you need additional help, have found effective coping strategies, and more).
  • Identify postpartum emotional coping strategies that work for you (by logging strategies that do and don’t work, track the ones that are most effective for you).
  • Have a positive postpartum experience (between learning what to expect, keeping organized and how to work through the heaviness of the fourth trimester, learn how you can have the most positive postpartum experience ever).

EVERY mom deserves a Positive Postpartum.

Don’t wait until you’re in the thick of learning how to adjust to motherhood, recover from childbirth, and raise a baby to take postpartum head on.

Every mom deserves a positive postpartum experience with their partner, themselves, and their baby.

What’s the best way to achieve this? Well, by preparing.

In a postpartum depression study done by Roux, Anderson, and Roan (2002), they found that many postpartum women are unprepared for the feelings of stress, loneliness, and seclusion that they experience.

Imagine, if every mom was given the support and preparation she needed, how those statistics could drastically change?

If you’re ready to start planning to have the most beautiful postpartum journey ever, click here to grab your free 11-page postpartum planner to get started!

In what ways have you prepared for your postpartum experience?

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