best postpartum workout - mom after babyprogram


  1. Very informative! I’ve struggled with exercising after my son’s birth because I had a c section and the incision is still painful a year later. And whenever I did do easier exercises my son would climb all over me and around my feet.

    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry mama 🙁 I know it can be so hard trying to balance and get back into exercise after birth, in particular a cesarean. But I hope this post is helpful and you’re able to slowly able to heal + rehab your body <3

  2. Love this post. And I love that you put in the tidbit about breastfeeding and exercising too soon. I see so many women trying to get out there way too early before their six weeks is up, so anxious to get that body back. And I see many moms afraid to exercise in fear of losing their milk supply. You have really great information! Thank you!

    1. Aw this makes me so happy you found the information valuable! I totally agree, it’s such a fine line between knowing when to workout after baby, but I hope more information can help mamas <3

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