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7 Baby Led Weaning Essentials every parent needs before baby’s first foods

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Baby led weaning — it’s gotten it’s a fair share of scrutiny that’s for sure, but if you’re no stranger to my site you know I chose the baby led weaning approach with my first and planning to do it again with my 2nd. That’s why I want to share with you the 7 Baby Led Weaning Essentials every parent should have before they start.

First things first, I want to encourage you to feed your baby the way YOU, as a parent, feel is best.

Don’t to baby led weaning because you feel pressured. Don’t do purees and baby cereals because someone guilt tripped you into it.

Take some time to learn about the different approaches & weight out the pros/cons to each before making your decision.

If you’re still ready to begin baby led weaning, great! Let’s dive right into all the items you’ll be needing!

Baby Led Weaning Essentials

Baby Led Weaning Essentials

Besides having some amazing benefits such as:

  • Establishing a healthy relationship with food at a young age
  • Helping them learn appetite control
  • Introducing them to a wider variety of foods, tastes, and textures
  • Enhancing their sensory relationship with foods
  • And much more…

Baby led weaning was flat out just FUN!

Watching my little guy explore a thin slice of avocado for the first time was just as fascinating for me as it was him (at least I like to think it was).

But we didn’t just dive right in without direction. I gathered up lots of essential items and tools to help me do this successfully and here’s what they were:

1) Baby Led Weaning Course

By far the MOST important item on this list.

Taking a baby led weaning course will help set you and your baby up for success.

The course I took was Infant Feeding: the Baby-led Way by Feeding Littles.

I had looked into other courses available and to be frank I actually was set to get another until I saw the price tag. And I’m pleased I ended up getting the Feeding Littles course instead.

The Infant Feeding: the Baby-led Way is 100% self-paced & covers a ton of ground around the subject, but my personal favorites were:

  • How to prevent choking hazards & keep your baby safe while BLW
  • Food & Meal Ideas to offer baby
  • All about allergenic foods and nutrition
  • How to incorporate BLW and Milk Feedings together

Because I love their course so much, I reached out to them to see if they’d be willing to offer a discount for you guys and they did!

If you’d like to get started learning how to begin baby led weaning, simply enroll in their Infant Feeding: the Baby-led Way –> HERE and apply code: FITMOMMYSTRONG at checkout for $10 off your purchase!

You can also snag their Feeding Littles: Toddlers course using the same code (FITMOMMYSTRONG) to save $10 off that purchase as well!

Now that you’re on your way to understanding the solid foundation behind how to incorporate baby led weaning, let’s jump into the other essential items you’ll need!

2) Baby Led Weaning High Chair

When it comes to baby led weaning, there’s a main component you want to ensure your highchair has and it’s stability.

Having a chair with stability is important because you want a chair that’s supportive and stable, but more importantly promotes a healthy sitting dynamic.

This means a high chair with a supportive footrest, supportive seat base, and tray that sits just in front of baby (if it comes with a tray).

Other bonus features would be things like a removable tray, something that’s compact for small spaces, an aesthetically nice chair to look at, something that’s easy to wipe down and clean — but remember most important is stability.

That being said, here’s a few options of the chairs I narrowed down to use this 2nd time around:

I’m pretty undecided which high chair I’ll use this time around, but I’m leaning towards the Abiie Beyond currently!

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3) Silicone Suction Baby Plate

You’re 100% able to use any plate you’d like, but I highly suggest the EZPZ First Foods Set.

This little set comes in handy because the plate has a non-slip design where it practically suctions onto the surface it’s on.

This means less mess for parents to clean and easier for baby to explore and navigate when their food stays in place.

If you don’t want the full set, you can also grab one of the mini-mats instead.

This ended up being my favorite mat out of all the ones we had and I loved that you could just roll it up & stash it easily in the diaper bag when we’re on the go!

4) Food Catching Bib for Baby

Food catching bibs are flat out awesome.

With classic cloth bibs, you usually end up with food all over baby’s legs or down the highchair.

When you use a food catching bib, the scoop part of the bib easily catches food baby spits out so that there’s less mess on baby and on the floor.

Plus, they’re probably the easiest bibs to wipe down and clean — a win-win in my book!

5) Open cup for baby

Using a small open cup, like this cute little tiny cup is an excellent way to help baby begin learning the first steps to drinking from an open cup!

I began using the tiny cup with my son when he was able to comprehend the idea behind grabbing things and bringing them to his mouth — that way he’d be able to grab the cup and bring it to his mouth.

Plus, learning to drink from an open cup at an earlier age helps support baby with their oral and speech development.

Try out the tiny cup for yourself (they come in a variety of cute colors too — we used the grey ones!).

6) Baby Led Weaning Utensils

Giving baby the opportunity to explore with tiny utensils for those tiny curious hands-only helps their sensory and motor skills develop further, so don’t forget to offer it to them.

I’ve tried a few different brands with my first and these are the 3 I really liked the most:

7) Water Wipes

Alright, you can totally get away with simply using a washcloth and some warm water here.

However, I love the idea of having a set of baby wipes available because baby led weaning is messy work.

Although it’s important to allow baby to explore and have fun with their foods, you also want to be able to clean up nearby messes when food lands on the floor, nearby furniture, or even on baby’s head!

I personally found that water wipes work phenomenally well for wiping up, but again — a washcloth and water work well too!

There you have it. 7 Baby Led Weaning essentials every parent should have!

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