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Best Affordable Curated Gift Boxes for Moms

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If you’re looking for some sweet gift ideas for a special mom (maybe a Mother’s Day Gift Box or a Postpartum Push Gift) in your life, check out these adorable curated gift boxes to support her through various seasons of motherhood!

Finding gifts for the ones we love most doesn’t need to feel like a struggle. In fact, these affordable curated gift boxes for mom will brighten up her day on any occasion!

If it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, becoming a new mom, or simply just a “hey, you’re awesome” kind of gift — I promise she will love these!

Best Affordable Curated Gift Boxes for Moms

Most curated gift boxes can be pricey to gift. 

That’s because there’s a lot of different products that go into perfecting a personalized box for a specific reason.

For example, a pregnancy box may include items like birth socks, herbal teas, a cute little pregnancy planner (like this one), a sonogram photo frame, and more — all tucked into a nice gift basket!

So instead of trying to recreate this kind of gift box yourself, choose from one of the already made ones below!

Pregnancy Gift Box

Oh Baby Boxes

Oh Baby Boxes are adorably curated boxes for moms tailored to their due date.

Each curated box contains 6-8 full-sized, pregnancy-friendly products to pamper mom-to-be throughout each stage of her pregnancy!

Want to learn even more about this specific box? Check out the full review I wrote here!

Pregnancy Care Gift Box

The pregnancy care gift box (The Lena Box) is a cute little box loaded with products for mom and even baby curated for each trimester of pregnancy and beyond! 

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Postpartum Care Box 

Cater To Mom Subscription Box

This box features natural & organic products to help moms in the fourth trimester feel refreshed and more importantly, pamper themselves.

If you know a mama who just had a baby, this is a MUST have gift for her!

Baby and Sunshine Gift Box

The Baby and Sunshine box are so adorable! 

It’s full of high-quality, soft, and comfortable clothing for mama and baby. If there’s one thing postpartum moms love, is some soft cozy clothing, so don’t worry if she’ll like this gift box, she’ll LOVE it!

Curated Breastfeeding Box 

Peace, Love, & Breastmilk

One of the hardest things postpartum moms will ever experience is the challenge of breastfeeding, which is of course if she chooses to breastfeed.

If you know a mama who is a breastfeeding mom, don’t assume her journey has been or is going easy — instead, gift her the Peace, Love, & Breastfeeding box to help her out along the journey!

Cooking & Crafts Mom Subscription Boxes

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

If the special mom in your life loves baking, cookies, or both — she will LOVE this cookie gift box! 

Featuring handcrafted & premeasured ingredients for the most indulgent home-baked cookies you’ve ever had, it’ll be a real treat for her to receive this box.

Craft In Style Box

Does mom love to craft? Gift her this fun crafting box where she’ll get to experience step-by-step instructional guidance to create stylish DIY projects every month in the comfort of her own home!

Self-Care Gift Box for Moms

TheraBox – created by therapists

This self-care box is curated by therapists, featuring activities and products to help increase happiness and reduce stress. What mom do you know doesn’t dream of doing such things?!

Goddess Provisions Box

Voted Cratejoy’s Best of 2020, this box features 5 to 7 full-sized items to nurture mom’s inner goddess and feel so calm and relaxed as she pampers herself.

Fire and Nice Gift Box

This box features all handcrafted items such as soaps, candles, or even bath bombs to promote relaxation & wellness. Each month, the items in the box change up according to the monthly theme which is a fun way to keep surprised and refreshed on a monthly basis.

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What makes curated gift boxes so special?

Curated gift boxes are way cooler than regular gift boxes because they’re specifically curated (or hand-picked) for a particular moment. 

For example, with curated pregnancy boxes, you will likely have options for a first-trimester box, second-trimester box, third-trimester box, and more.

With a regular gift box, it would typically be a generic box full of a few small items to cover all trimesters.

These boxes come in extra handy when it comes to motherhood because, as you guessed, motherhood is ALWAYS changing.

Our lives are always evolving as our kiddos get older, which means we always have to make room for different types of activities or self-care for ourselves. Using one of these curated gift boxes can help!

Have you ever purchased affordable curated gift boxes like these? What did you like or not like about it?

Adorable Gift Box Ideas for Mom...just because!

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