Choosing the BEST Montessori Toys


As our little toddlers continue to grow and explore the world around them, we all want to provide them with the best learning experiences. That’s where Montessori toys come into play! These thoughtfully designed toys foster creativity, independence, and cognitive development in toddlers.

Pick open ended toys

Look for toys that have no predetermined outcome, allowing your child to use their imagination and creativity freely.

Tip 1

Realistic representation

Choose toys that represent real-life objects, animals, people, or activities. These toys can help your child make connections between the physical world and their play.

Tip 2


Montessori toys often support your child’s desire for independence. Toys that your child can easily set up, clean up, and use on their own in a variety of ways are ideal.

Tip 3


Consider the environmental impact of the toys you choose. Select products from eco-friendly and sustainable brands when possible.

Tip 4

So, what toys would you choose after what we learned today?

Open-ended play

Realistic toys