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How To Write Your Own Pregnancy Affirmations (plus, FREE PRINTABLE Affirmation Cards)

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If your’e currently expecting, you’ve probably come across various pregnancy affirmations to help uplift the mood.

But what is an affirmation and how in the world can it help with pregnancy?

An affirmation is simply a positive or uplifting statement usually used to help bring you happiness, confidence, and positivity around different topics (like marriage, parenting, school, etc…).

BUT…the best part, is you can make up YOUR OWN affirmations to find the positivity you need!

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How To Write Your Own Pregnancy Affirmations

Now that we know what affirmations are, how can we find them?

Well, for starters, you can simply google whatever kind of affirmation you’re looking for. In this case, it’s “PREGNANCY AFFIRMATIONS”.

You’ll likely see a whole slew of results pop up ranging from “YOU CAN DO THIS” statements to “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, MAMA”.

But what’s even cooler is that you can totally make up your own affirmations 100% tailored to your personal needs!

Here’s some simple affirmation prompts to help you get started (fill in the blanks):

  • I BELIEVE I can __________________________
  • My Birth is _______________________________
  • I’m the _________________________ mom for my baby

You can continue using this kind of approach to writing more of your own pregnancy affirmations.

Positive Pregnancy Affirmations You Can Listen To

If writing just isn’t your thing, you can find great videos on YOUTUBE or Recordings on Amazon Audible.

Below is a youtube compilation of calming pregnancy affirmations. Give it a listen and see if you prefer to read, write, or listen to them!

Positive affirmations for healthy pregnancy

If you’re struggling to write your own positive pregnancy affirmations throughout your pregnancy, below is a list of 20 POSITIVE Pregnancy Affirmations to make sure your mind and body stay happy & healthy!

1. Pregnancy might be difficult, but I CHOOSE to enjoy each day.

2. My body, heart, and soul were made for my baby.

3. My body is capable of what seems like the toughest challenges.

4. I will cherish, love, and accept my birthing experience and it’s entirety.

5. My birth is and will be exactly what is needed to be for my baby and me.

6. There is NO greater love than the love I already have for my growing baby in my belly.

7. I trust my body to safely guide me through this pregnancy and birth experience.

8. I appreciate my body for its ability to grow and birth life.

9. Whenever I think “I can’t”, I will close my eyes, take a deep breath, and remind myself I CAN!

10. This pregnancy is a blessing and I’m grateful for the life inside of me.

11. I will be relaxed and focused to help bring my baby into this world.

12. I am STRONG and CAPABLE of handling anything life chooses me to handle throughout this pregnancy.

13. My pregnancy body is beautiful and strong.

14. I’m proud of myself and my body for growing my baby.

15. I truly believe my baby chose me because I am worthy of his/her existence & unconditional love.

16. I promise to continue being strong for my baby EVEN AFTER my pregnancy is over.

17. I trust my baby and body will allow me to meet him/her at the right time.

18. I owe no explanations about my pregnancy to anyone because I KNOW it’s the best thing for myself and my family.

19. I will always advocate for myself and my baby during this pregnancy.

20. Pregnancy has been such a gift and I thank my body for helping me carry this gift.

How do positive affirmations actually work?

Ok, I get it. You’re probably wondering how the heck reading or saying something positive can actually work, right?

The first major point about positive affirmations is that you truly need to BELIEVE what you’re telling yourself.

It’s believed that our brains continue to adjust and reorganize itself to adjust to environmental, chemical, or emotional changes.

When positive affirmations are used and BELIEVED, our brains can rewire the negative thoughts into positive ones [SOURCE]!

For instance, if I believed I’d never be able to give birth because it seemed scary. I could practice and make myself believe the opposite through positive affirmations.

The second part of this is that you need to PRACTICE THEM CONSISTENTLY!

If you read your affirmation one day and don’t revisit for another month, chances are they won’t be useful for you.

Make sure you keep your affirmations somewhere you will see them, say them, and believe them daily!

FREE Printable Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

I put together a set of pregnancy affirmation cards you can easily download & print to start using today!

Printable Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

You can pack these inside your hospital bag to help you mentally prepare for childbirth.

You could even stick them up around the house such as in a mirror corner, on the fridge, by your TV, and more!

Hopefully, you’re on the path to clearing out any negative thoughts or feelings you’ve been having about your pregnancy or future birth and can start to believe that YOU were made for this journey, mama!


Did you use Positive Pregnancy Affirmations?!

Drop a comment below sharing your FAVORITE positive affirmation that could help out another mom!

Positive Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

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