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Postpartum Essentials: A Checklist of Must-Have Items After Birth (For Mom and Baby)

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Looking for a postpartum essential checklist to make sure you can properly help your body and baby recover from birth? Good news, you’re in the right place!

As a mom of two myself, I know all too well which items are a MUST and which are a bust when it comes to recovering from childbirth. The thing to keep in mind is that this is a period where you likely won’t feel a lot like your “normal” self. The items on this list won’t magically make you feel “normal”, but they will help you heal and feel comfortable during this uncomfortable time.

Postpartum Essentials Checklist for Mom

1. Preventing Postpartum Depression Online Course

Ok…this isn’t necessarily a go-to-the-store and bring home kind of product. It’s an online course. An online course ALL about preventing postpartum depression.

I think it’s really important that every single mom realizes that Postpartum Depression can affect anyone. It doesn’t discriminate at all, but the more important point is that it’s actually PREVENTABLE with the appropriate tools and resources. Now, even if you CAN’T prevent it — you can, at the very least, arm yourself with various ways to prevent it from taking over your life.

Don’t let postpartum depression damper these special moments ahead after giving birth. They shouldn’t be spent feeling like someone you don’t recognize in the mirror.

2. Depends (Adult Diapers)

Those first few days after birth will be followed by some pretty heavy bleeding. Don’t worry, your hospital or birthing center will likely provide you with massive maternity pads, but they’re not the most comfortable.

Instead of shoving giant pads into loose mesh undies, pick up a bag or two of some ultra-absorbent Depend underwear instead! Not only are they much more comfortable and stay in place, but they look a bit more discreet too.

3. Comfortable Postpartum Clothes

Giving birth is far from comfortable. After having my son and getting all settled into my recovery room, I vividly remember just wishing I could change into my comfy loose clothing.

This will be especially true for cesarean deliveries too. Anything tight and compressing along your midline you can forget about. Loose, soft, and comfortable? You bet! That’s why it’s number three on my postpartum essentials list for mom.

If you need a few suggestions, here are some of my favorite postpartum outfits for mom:

4. A Postpartum Recovery Kit

It’ll be a good idea to make yourself a mini postpartum recovery kit or basket that you can keep in each bathroom and next to your bed. This way, you’ll have easy access to all the essential postpartum items you could ever think of.

For instance, if you wake up from lots of pain down there, it’ll be helpful to have your pain medication close by to take. If you feel yourself leaking through your pad or underwear, having a spare on hand close by will make the changeout easier.

If you don’t want to make your own little kit you could ask a friend OR pick up an already made postpartum kit like these.

5. Postpartum Care Plan

What the heck is a postpartum care plan? I know I never knew I should have one either.

Turns out, the same way you have a birth plan, you should also have a postpartum plan. This is to help you have ALL the fine details laid out in one plan.

Some examples of what you’d find on your plan is:

  • Who is on-call to help you during the first couple of weeks of motherhood?

6. Nursing Pads

That’s right, whether or not you choose to breastfeed (and if you do, you should totally check out this post) your breasts will likely leak.

And nobody enjoys walking around with a soaked shirt full of breastmilk.

So stock up on these babies for at least the first 1-2 months and never worry about having an ‘accident’.

7. Easy Frozen Meals

You’re probably wondering how frozen meals will help you recover… Well they won’t necessarily help you recover.

However, they will make the recovery process way easier so you’re not trying to cook food at the last minute while living that new-mom life.

Mason Jar Meal Prep

My personal favorites are the subscription meals, like Fresh n’ Lean, where the meals are already prepped for you and all you have to do is grab, heat & eat!

8. Donut Cushion

Let me tell you, if you had a vaginal delivery, these donut cushions are SO AMAZING!

They allow sitting with ease and comfort without putting pressure on your ouchie downstairs!

I honestly think every mama needs one. Plus if you get one the first time and plan to have more kids, you can just store this away until its time for use again!

9. Perineal Cold Packs

I’m pretty sure we covered the fact that your private lady bits will be feeling a bit roughed up.

So, another great way to combat that discomfort is by keeping it cold. AKA – using a perineal cold pack!

I swear by these ice packs, they will do wonders and give you such relief during that first week of recovery.

10. SITZ Bath Soak

I actually didn’t use the SITZ baths too often, mostly because the one I had was too small for our toilet lol

BUT I have heard amazing things about them! I did use the actual SITZ bath soak itself in a shallow bath for relief at times which was nice and calming.

Regardless, it’s still a good way to help you recover and feel less discomfort during those painful first days.

11. Breathable postpartum panties

Yeah, so this is going to be a non-negotiable item. I had a couple of pairs that I personally believe are the best. One is a bit of a ‘cheaper’ pair, and the other I’d consider more ‘luxurious’ pair.

If I had to choose between the two, of course, I’d choose the more luxurious ones!

By the time you’ve ditched the adult diapers, you probably are still gonna be filling a little sore and raw down there.

There will be NOTHING worse than a pair of panties that aren’t soft and breathable, trust me!

Grap a pair of each, or stock up on whichever you can afford, but definitely do it for your poor lady bits. She deserves some comfort down there.

12. Nipple balm!

Yikes, your girls are going to be a bit sore. They’ll be big, heavy, and pretty tender (especially if you’re breastfeeding).

I absolutely SWEAR that this balm saved my girls. It has a non-sticky texture making it easy to apply. Not to mention this brand is one of my all-time favorites for anything mama or baby-related due to their all-natural & safe ingredients.

Did you use any of the items from this Postpartum Must-Haves for mom to recover after birth???

12 Postpartum Essentials to Help Mom Heal After Birth

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