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10 Items you don’t want to forget when packing your hospital bag

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Packing your hospital bag for your baby’s big debut can be a bit…overwhelming!

You might be wondering what you need to pack for yourself, what to pack for baby, and what in the world should you pack for your partner?!

If you’re looking for a FULL Hospital Bag Checklist (for mom, dad & baby) <— you can find that there!

I know I definitely under packed with my first pregnancy so that lesson was learned FAST! 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

These are the 10 items you DON’T want to forget when packing your hospital bag for labor!

1. Your birth plan

First things first, if you don’t have a birth plan, I’d highly suggest making one! Typically your hospital or birth center will provide one for you to fill out. It normally includes things like:

  • Who do you want in the room during labor?
  • What kind of birth positions would you like to try?
  • Do you plan to get an epidural (if not, what method pain relief tactics would you like to try or use?)
  • Any medical conditions staff should be aware of?
  • Etc…

So if you don’t yet have one made, ask your hospital or grab an online printable birth plan to fill out today.

Once it’s finished, pack that away in your hospital back so that the day you’re admitted you’ll have a copy to hand off to the hospital staff!

2. What to wear after birth? A comfy outfit of course!

After giving birth you’re most likely not going to be feeling like your pre-pregnancy self. In fact, you will likely still look a bit pregnant until your uterus has time to contract and shrink back down over the next couple of weeks.

Packing yourself a loose fitted & comfortable outfit to wear after birth will make the ride home much more relaxing.

3. Bring your insurance cards

Whether or not you were able to preregister for your labor & delivery day, you will need your medical insurance cards during check-in.

Plus, if some issues came up with paperwork, it’s best to make sure you have them on hand that way your partner isn’t having to leave in the middle of birth and risk missing baby’s big debut!

4. Bring your own adult diapers

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the big bulky postpartum pads they give you after birth. And yes, this applies whether or not your delivery is vaginally or via cesarean.

If it’s your first baby, bring yourself a small pack of adult diapers JUST IN CASE you can’t stand the feeling of the big bulky postpartum pads.

Feeling the slightest bit more comfortable during your hospital stay can make all the difference! The ones I used (and plan to use again with baby number two) is the Always Discreet Panties.

They’re very comfortable, not bulky and pretty affordable too!

packing your hospital bag

5. Outfit for baby

Don’t forget baby will also need a little going home outfit as well! This is easy since babies aren’t too particular at this age what they’re wearing.

We opted for a simple onesie, a baby cap, and little socks for the ride home.

6. An extra pillow or blanket for dad

Most hospitals will have a place for dad to sleep, BUT they’re not always the most comfortable.

They’ll provide you with a thin hospital blanket along with a pretty cheap hospital pillow which is no way to get quality rest.

If you’re wondering why dad needs rest while you’re doing all the hard work, well he needs to be well-rested to be able to be a solid support partner for you once the birth process begins.

And, if you’re also feeling uncomfortable, having an extra pillow on hand can come in extra handy for you too!

7. Nursing Top (if breastfeeding)

If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby, you’ll want to make sure you bring a nursing-bra or at least a top that’s easily accessible for nursing your baby.

Amazon has some really affordable options (like the ones above), but my personal favorite is by Kindred Bravely – they’re very soft, high quality, and comfortable.

8. Cash

You’re probably wondering why in the world will you need cash during labor and delivery?!

Well, birth doesn’t always go by quickly.

You may be in the hospital a day or so before baby makes their debut and during that time you or your partner may begin to feel pretty hungry as you wait.

If it’s after hours, that means the only available food will likely be vending machine foods/snacks so keeping some cash on hand could be helpful. I know it was for us!

9. Packed diaper bag

This one you can keep in your car, but you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a fully packed diaper bag ready for your drive home.

When we were headed home from the hospital (about a 35 min drive home), our son had spit up a ton in the car — thankfully I had out diaper bag locked and loaded with wipes and washcloths to wipe him all up.

Thank goodness we had all the supplies we needed otherwise it would’ve been a rough ride home for all of us!

prepare for postpartum

10. Toiletries

You can be a little flexible with this one, but having some toiletries to freshen yourself up after birth will likely make you feel a bit more refreshed!

Giving birth usually results in a lot of sweating and just feeling a bit ‘frazzled’ afterward.

I remember after our son was born and I was moved to my recovery room, I just wanted to feel a little bit refreshed even if it simply meant brushing my hair or throwing on some deodorant.

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What items are an ABSOLUTE MUST for you when packing your hospital bag?

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packing your hospital bag

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  1. These are all great suggestions! Definitely don’t forget your insurance cards! A lot of hospitals allow you to preregistration which is great for saving time and keep one more thing off of your list!

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