unclog a milk duct with Haakaa


    1. yessss mama, I’m so thrilled it helped! I hope you’ve found some relief! Icing can help if it’s a bit inflamed and red, but if you don’t get relief rather quickly, definitely let your doctor or IBCLC know just to be safe <3

  1. This saved me today! Girl I can’t even tell you. My dog had surgery yesterday, and BOOM I had a clogged ducted last night and was up allll night from the pain. So todsy started off sooo stressful. I tried literally everything else, I was crying. I found this and tried it and omg the pain, gone! Milk is flowing!

    1. So sorry about your doggy! But HECK YES mama I’m thrilled this unclogged the plug, yay! Seriously my favorite hack of all time šŸ™‚

  2. Trying this now and I think Iā€™m having relief as I see the Haakaa filling with milk. My question is how do I know that milk is from the clogged duct as opposed to just milk from other ducts?

    1. Hey mama! You’ll typically feel relief if you’re engorged or you’ll see thicker/fatty parts of milk coming out (but not always). The best sign is feeling relief! I hope you feel relief soon mama!

  3. This was life changing for me when I got mastitis nursing my girl 3 years ago and I share this link with every Momma I know now and it helps them too!!! Thanks so much for this helpful information.

    1. aww I’m so glad this helped you! mastitis is absolutely no fun (I remember it all too well too lol). Thanks for sharing this with other mamas

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