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Unique Gifts for toddlers who have EVERYTHING

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Wondering what in the world to gift a toddler that has just about, well, everything?!

This printable gift guide will help you find the BEST gift.

Because trust me, chances are these items don’t belong to them just yet!

If you need more ideas than the ones on this page, be sure to download your digital copy of my Holiday Gift Guide for Babies & Toddler + BONUS Planner included!

Mom After Baby Holiday Gift Guide Printable

Gifts for toddlers who have EVERYTHING

Below is a big long list of toys your toddler will absolutely love and likely, doesn’t already have yet.

If you don’t have time to read the entire post, these are the TOP 3 gifts for toddlers I would suggest (and yes, I have these toys and use them with my toddler almost every day!).


2) Dear Zoo: A lift the flap book

3) Crawl & Climb Foam Play Shapes

Learning Toys for Toddlers

Did you know infants as early as 3-4 months of age begin developing useful knowledge? [SOURCE]

This means they’re starting to learn fundamentals that will help with their development, cognitive behaviors, speech & language development, visual health and more!

It’s no surprise that toddlerhood is JUST as important. In fact, by 3 years of age, most toddlers have started to feel emotions like fear, embarrassment, empathy, envy, guilt, and shame. [SOURCE]

So this holiday season, instead of asking for toys without a purpose, be sure to add in toys that HELP them learn, cope, and challenge these developing little brains of theirs!

Below, is a list of some of the best learning activities your toddler will absolutely love!

1) Alphabet Puzzle Flashcards for Toddlers

2) Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

3) LOVEVERY PLAY KITS (for toddlers)

The Block Set

4) Toddler scavenger hunt flashcards

5) Write & Learn Creative Center

6) Doodle board drawing tablet

7) The outdoor toddler activity book

8) Toddler quiet activity book

etsy quiet book for toddlers

9) Toddler kitchen step stool with safety rails


11) Button art for toddlers

12) Toddler Time Learning Set

13) Learn to read with ELMO

The Best Board Books For Toddlers

There’s a reason why screentime and digital gadgets aren’t recommended in full force for our young children.

Reading & exploring common everyday items helps to boost your kiddo’s imagination and understanding of their world.

In addition, many studies have positively shown that reading & exposing your child to new words can greatly improve their language skills as they get older and their academic success. The benefits don’t end there and you can read more about why reading to our kids is such a wonderful way to boost their intelligence here!

My toddler has a speech delay so it took me a LONG time to get him really engaged with books, but the books listed below are the ones he absolutely LOVES to engage and read daily!

14) Dear Zoo: A Lift The Flap Book

15) Ditty Bird Sound Book

16) Wild Animals (touch & feel book)

17) The Feelings Book

18) Moo, Baa, Lalala

Other fun toys to keep your toddler entertained

Now that we covered all the fundamental learning and educational toys for your toddler, these ones are truly just for fun 🙂

Of course, ANY toy can be used to gain educational value depending on how you use and play with it, but if you just need some toys to keep your little one entertained, these ones will do the trick!

19) 3 in 1 Scooter (bike, scooter, tricycle)

20) Sit N’ Spin

21) Play Tent with Tunnel

22) Dyson Vacuum for Kids

23) Battat Shape Sorting Car Garage

24) Crawl & Climb Foam Play Shapes

25) Toddler Play Kitchen

26) Coogam Toddler Spelling Games

Final Thoughts: Gifts for toddlers who have EVERYTHING…

Your toddler can never truly have everything (even though it feels like they can).

Don’t be afraid to switch up your gifting techniques to try something they haven’t ever played with before — it’s always something fresh and new that seems to get their imagination and little minds going after all!

This article was last updated on November 4th, 2021.

Mom After Baby Holiday Gift Guide Printables

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  1. I love these ideas! My son just turned 4 last month. I’m always amazed and thrilled when he wants to just sit with me and read a book. I bought personalised children’s books on his birthday. When he opens his gift and his face lights up with delight, you’ll truly understand the importance of personalized gifts. ❤️

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