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Baby Registry FREEBIES every expecting mom needs!

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Are you on the search to make your baby registry but don’t know which stores to register with? Well, you may or may not know that you can score some pretty sweet baby registry freebies just by making a registry at the stores below and I’m going to share how!

Finding out baby registries often came with FREEBIES for expecting moms was super exciting to me as a first-time mom.

Some of the freebies I got with my baby registries included:

  • Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles
  • Water Wipes (legit the best baby wipes on the freakin’ planet)

Now, I’m going to share, in my opinion, the BEST Baby Registry Sites (and their freebies) you should sign up for.

Plus, be sure to read the whole article for additional ways you can snag more free baby products!

The Best Baby Registry Sites and Freebies for expecting moms!

Amazon Baby Registry Box

Our main Baby Registry was created through Amazon. One of the benefits to the Amazon Baby Registry for us was that we got a free welcome box just for signing up and because we are Amazon Prime Members.

In fact, you can check out the unboxing video of our welcome box below!

Another thing I really loved about the Amazon Baby Registry is that they allowed us to select items universally (not sure if this has changed or not)!

So let’s say you saw an item at another store, you could still add it to their registry by using a special universal baby registry tool.

All in all, they had the best overall perks, ease of use, and great freebies that we loved!

Target Baby Registry

Target’s registry is also another easy one to set up and honestly, who doesn’t love Target? Target is basically my second home, sorry not sorry, the truth is told!

Simply head over to or visit a local Target store to create your baby registry.

After it’s been created, you will receive an email (and a notification through your account) with a coupon for a free “welcome baby” gift.

Now all you have to do is go to your local Target Store, show your Baby Registry Confirmation and they’ll give you your welcome gift filled with goodies!

BuyBuyBaby Baby Registry

BuyBuyBaby’s Registry is another great registry with tons of perks!

When we registered, we got a free bag of goodies for baby and me, plus it had tons of awesome coupons to save on necessity items!

They also offer a 15% completion discount for all remaining items on your baby registry.

And, you can also score some sweet coupons just for referring your friends and family to create their baby registries there too!

To sign up for BuyBuyBaby’s Baby Registry CLICK HERE to sign up. Their online registry system is super easy to use and add items.

Have a baby on the way? Feeling a little OVERWHELMED with all the things you still need to buy and do? Grab my FREE Baby Preparation Guide to make getting ready for baby A WALK IN THE PARK! (pssst. you can also click on the image below).

baby preparation FREE guide

Babylist Baby Registry

Babylist is hands down one of the most unique online baby registry options for expecting parents. This is because you can put ANY item, from ANY store on your list!

You can even add items like vouchers for meal delivery or babysitting services and more.

Plus, with the Babylist baby registry, you’ll get an adorable welcome baby box as a thank you for choosing to sign up with them. Their box usually includes some baby diapers, bath wash for baby, a baby bottle, a pacifier, and even more! Keep in mind that these items do change periodically so whatever someone got last month could be different from the following month.

How to get free baby stuff for expecting mothers:

Join Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries

What better way to start stocking up on books and fun developmental toys for baby than with the Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries Subscription!

Just by signing up for a small price of $5.95, you’ll receive a FREE welcome package that includes 3 board books, 1 plush book, a set of discovery cards with a ring, and a parent guide!

Ready to jump-start your baby’s learning & discoveries? Join Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries.

Enfamil Family Beginnings

For this freebie box that comes with 2 small tubs of Enfamil Formula as well as a bunch of other formula samples & coupons, just head over to the Enfamil Family Beginnings Site to create an account and register for your goodies!

It’s 100% free and from my experience, ships out pretty quickly!

The Honest Co. Diapers

The Honest Co. is known for being one of the leading brands of baby diapers that parents LOVE!

Personally, we’ve used them a few times and I have to agree they’re pretty awesome.

They absorb great, they have cute prints, the price-point is comparable to Target’s Up&Up if you can snag them on a special sale & they’re known for being extremely gentle, even on the most sensitive skin!

To give them a try, you can grab 5 diapers + a small travel pack of wipes and only pay for shipping! This is a great way to try out these diapers which is what we did for our little guy!

Hello Baby Box (by BabyList)

Another very easy way to score some free baby goodies! Head over to their page, BabyList & create a Baby Registry.

That’s it! No fancy prerequisites (unless they have updated their site to have any). This one took a bit to ship out as they ran out when I made my registry, but it didn’t take more than a couple of weeks before it was back in stock

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Sign up for a Noobie Box

This was one of the cutest little boxes filled with free goodies I received. I got mine early last year, so the items inside have most likely changed, but a general idea of what you’ll receive can be seen in the photo below.

To sign up, click the “Noobie Box” link here. It’ll direct you to a special page with a unique code for your FREE box + 20% off any other items! Make sure you click on the code to copy and apply it at checkout!

Click on ‘Shop Now’ —> ‘Order Free Box’ —> ‘Start your order’ (this is where you’ll make an account for your order & can add on other items if you’d like).

Lastly, you can enter in your code (if it didn’t apply automatically). You will be responsible for the shipping cost which is somewhere around $6. Honestly, I was hesitant to pay $6 for the box, BUT the amount & quality of items we received outweighed the shipping cost so I’m really glad I did. You can see a list of the items included in your box at their website Noobie Box.

Hooded Towel for baby

Grab a FREE hooded towel (valued at $35) for your little one, perfect to make bath time more fun by using code: FITMOMMYSTRONG35

Free Hooded Towel for Baby

I will say these ran a bit big and we didn’t start using it until our son was almost a year old, but hey, free is free, right?

Free Pregnancy Pillow (MUST have for expecting moms)

Get a free pregnancy pillow, perfecting for expecting mamas to make sleep much more comfortable and ease that lower back pain!

I literally lived with my pillow for weeks up until my due date! Use code: FITMOMMYSTRONG1

Baby Registry Tips to make the PERFECT registry!

1) Don’t register for newborn clothes!

Trust me, your baby will outgrow newborn clothes faster than the speed of light!

The only exception to this would be if you had a premature or smaller baby, but I personally still wouldn’t register for it.

Why not? Because even though you won’t have it on your registry, I guarantee your family and friends won’t be able to resist the cute little baby clothes and they’ll get it for you anyways!

We didn’t register for ANY clothes under 3 mos old and we ended up with a ton anyways!

2) Use the ‘most wanted’ feature on your baby registry to highlight the most important items!

When I made our baby registry through amazon, they have a little button next to each item on your registry you can select to mark it as a “Most Wanted” item.

This came in so handy because our guests were able to see these items highlighted as priority items!

If you have anything you really want like a bottle warmer, a baby bathtub, etc… be sure to let your guests know by using the registry features!

3) Ask other parents which items they used and loved!

There’s no better review than actual parents who have shed blood (ok maybe not blood), sweat, and tears over these baby products!

Some of our most favorite baby products are the ones that other parent friends we have recommended to us!

Not sure what items to register for? Check out my baby registry must-haves page to get some ideas of items we absolutely LOVE!

What Baby Registry Freebies do you want the most?!

baby registry freebies

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