ways to save money baby on the way

Top 10 Ways to Save Money With A Baby On The Way

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Do you have a baby on the way? Whether you are expecting or you’ve recently welcomed your new bundle of joy, it’s time to learn how to save money for kids. From finding cheap baby stuff to reducing the cost of diapers and everything in between, today’s tips will help you save money with a baby like a champ.

No matter how you swing it, babies and stuff seem to go together like “peas and carrots.” Even if you want to limit how much you spend (or have around the house!), there are always more clothes, toys, diapers, and more to buy.

Saving Money With A Baby On The Way

As a first time mom, it’s hard to know what the cost of a baby is going to be – and how to reduce it. With your first baby, you don’t know whether you NEED that baby wipe warmer (you don’t!) or if the electric breast pump is worth the extra expense over a manual pump (it is!).

Luckily, as a mom, I’ve learned a few things from my experiences and the sage advice from others who have come before me. So let’s dive right in and chat about 10 great ways to save major money as a new parent.

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Rock The Registry

Baby registries are a GREAT way to save money AND let the special people in your life celebrate with you. Even if you don’t plan to have a baby shower, complete a baby registry at Amazon and at least one other store (ex: Target, Buy Buy Baby, etc).

The REAL benefit of a registry is that after your baby shower date or your due date, the company will send you a 10-20% coupon (usually called a Completion Discount) to help you purchase anything you didn’t receive but still need. Pretty cool, right?

Save on the Cost of Diapers

Yes, cloth diapers are more work. Yes, they are more expensive on the front end.

However, if you can receive cloth diapers as gifts from friends or family (multiple people can go in on a big purchase together!), you will save TONS (to the tune of ~$800 in the first year) on diapers.

If cloth diapers just aren’t your thing — be sure to take advantage of things like the diaper auto-subscription from Target or Amazon’s Family Subscription to save even more $$ on your monthly diaper purchases!


Strictly from a financial perspective, breastfeeding your baby will save you a huge amount of money.

Formula can cost about $1,500 during your baby’s first year.

So as long as you don’t go too crazy buying loads of breastfeeding supplies, you’ll be on the right track to saving money!

Use Your Insurance

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most insurance companies are required to cover the expense of breastfeeding support and equipment (like pumps). Use your insurance to save big on these items.

Don’t Throw Away Coupons

I am so guilty of this! Don’t do this when it comes to baby stuff! Life happens – you never know when you’ll need that formula or diaper rash cream coupon. Using coupons on things that you HAVE to buy new can help you save hundreds of dollars in a year.

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Buy Used

Have you ever seen nursery furniture once an infant has outgrown it? It’s practically new looking. The same thing goes for bouncy seats, play cribs, baby swings, and many of those large, expensive (sanity-saving) items.

Save a small fortune by purchasing these items off of Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Nextdoor, or through your friend network.

Grocery shop wisely

Groceries can add up quickly. Especially when you find yourself driving from store to store to get every little item off your grocery list.

Instead, get all your groceries at once from Thrive Market!

Not only will your groceries and household necessities get delivered to your home, but you can expect to save at least $30 per order since they offer wholesale pricing on over 6,000 items at Thrive Market!

Make Your Own Baby Food

Baby food is ridiculously expensive to buy AND super easy (and cheap!) to make. Take a little time to make your own food. Seriously. You’ll thank me!

In the event you absolutely can’t, Little Spoon runs some great deals on their freshly prepared baby foods delivered straight to your door! They’re definitely worth checking out!

Join the Buy Nothing Movement

The Buy Nothing Movement (you can usually join through a local Facebook Group) links neighbors together to exchange items they no longer need. You will get something you need (for free), then pass it along once you don’t need it anymore. I love this!

Resources For Great Cheap Baby Stuff

Trust me. Your little one will hit a growth spurt and be in an entire size of clothes for just 2 weeks. Check your area for a Moms of Multiples group or something similar.

Parents of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc) will often join together and host a consignment sale once or twice a year. This is a gem for buying great clothing, toys, etc for really low prices.

Use Samples

Often pediatricians will have samples of formula, diaper rash cream, and other infant care items they can share with you. Ask your pediatrician what they recommend and use the samples to see what you like before you buy anything.

Whether you have a baby on the way or you are enjoying your new arrival, I hope these ideas help you save money during your baby’s first year!

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ways to save money baby on the way

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