How to get rid of those annoying hemorrhoids after labor

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You’ve gone your entire life without getting hemorrhoids…now all of a sudden you can’t get rid of those annoying hemorrhoids after labor — what the heck is going on?!

Hey Mama! If you’re reading this because you recently gave birth and have been battling hemorrhoids, just know, you’re not alone.

In fact, getting them is pretty common throughout pregnancy AND postpartum. However, despite them being so common, it doesn’t make them feel any better at all.

So lets jump right in to how you can get rid of those ANNOYING (and itchy) hemorrhoids after labor!

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What causes hemorrhoids after giving birth (aka postpartum hemorrhoids)?

Well, hemorrhoids are simply swollen veins in & around your rectum that cause things like stinging, itching, pain, and discomfort.

Unfortunately, with pregnancy, comes pressure. Not financial pressure, or relationship pressure, but pressure on your pelvic floor — which includes your rectum!

As this pressure becomes more and more intense, those veins become more and more irritated (especially for women who’ve had a vaginal delivery).

Speaking of pressure, excessive straining to use the bathroom could be another reason for developing hemorrhoids during your pregnancy or after birth. Hence the importance of taking those stool softeners after birth to prevent constipation!

The good news is, there are ways to ease the symptoms and get rid of them, for good!

How long to hemorrhoids last after giving birth?

Without using any form of “treatment”, postpartum hemorrhoids typically resolve on their own around a couple of weeks after giving birth.

But because they come with such annoying symptoms, we’re going to talk about some easy at-home remedies you can use to hopefully rid them away sooner!

At-home remedies to get rid of hemorrhoids after labor

1) Apply a cold compress

Ice is a great way to help reduce inflammation and swelling. Since hemorrhoids are swollen angry veins, applying a cold compress can greatly help to calm the swelling and hopefully provide some relief from the discomfort as well.

If you have a perineal ice compress, that is the easiest (and most comfortable) way to apply ice to your hemorrhoids for about 10-15mins at a time.

If not, you can also soak up a baby diaper in water + witch hazel, throw it in the freezer, and then simply place the diaper inside your undies to cool and calm things down.

2) Soak them away with a Sitz bath

If you’re feeling lots of pain & discomfort, soaking your hemorrhoids in a nice warm SITZ bath can be very relieving.

I had hemorrhoids after my 2nd birth & found the SITZ bath to be one of the best ways to alleviate that itchy/stingy pain & discomfort I would feel.

I also found that using the SITZ bath 2-3 times a day was the sweet spot to keep the discomfort away all day long.

3) Wipe with Witch Hazel Hemorrhoid Wipes

Witch Hazel Hemorrhoid Wipes are flat out amazing. I used these babies primary to help with pain after my vaginal delivery, but they work wonders for hemorrhoids too!

The 3 ways I used witch hazel was:

  • Buy a container of witch hazel and keep it in the fridge — then mix into a peri bottle full of water to rinse your rectum/perineal area off with after using the bathroom.

Between all 3 of these methods, I found leaving the pads in place the most helpful, but you should experiment with them to find what helps you find the most relief!

4) Relieve the pressure

Since your hemorrhoids are most likely a result of all that excess pressure on your rectum and pelvic floor, allowing your body to take a break from that pressure can help you get rid of your hemorrhoids quicker!

This means laying down and resting as much as you can. I mean you just had a baby, your body deserves some rest anyways!

If laying down often is off the table, try using a donut cushion so that you’re not having direct pressure on that area when you sit down.

5) Try to limit caffeine (if possible)

I know after having 2 kids that caffeine is pretty much how many of us survive our sleep deprived state after birth.

Unfortunately, too much caffeine can sometimes cause constipation or even diarrhea, causing those pesky hemorrhoids to linger around longer than we’d like.

I’m not saying to cut out caffeine, but definitely pay attention to how you feel and monitor if it could be making your hemorrhoids worse.

6) Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping your body nice & hydrated is just another way to make sure you’re preventing constipation which will make your hemorrhoids worse.

This means drinking lots of water throughout your day and making sure your urine stays a light to pale yellow.

7) Add some fiber to your diet

If constipation is a contributing factor, adding some more fiber into your diet can help!

This means consuming more vegetables, fruits, almonds, breads, and beans.

One of my favorite way to get all my high-fiber food for cheap & in bulk is through Thrive Market. Thrive Market deliveries all your favorite groceries to your door for one low price each month! If you haven’t yet heard of them, I’d highly suggest checking them out to save some extra money on your grocery bill each month!

8) Over the counter hemorrhoid creams

If all else fails and you need some relief quick, I’ve heard that over the counter creams such as Preparation-H or Doctor Butler’s hemorrhoid creams work well to alleviate discomfort!

However, when it comes to trying any kind of medication (especially for pregnant or breastfeeding mamas) it’s always best to run it by your doctor first!

9) Keep the area clean

Making sure your rectum and irritated area stays clean will help prevent any further irritation.

If you don’t have a peri bottle, I’d suggest getting one to help you rinse off after using the bathroom. You can also wipe with the Witch hazel pads mentioned above. Lastly you can use a portable bidet, like the TUSHY portable bidet!

The Tushy simply clips onto your toilet seat and with the twist of a switch, will have you all rinsed off in no time!

10) Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

After birth, your pelvic floor muscles are stretched out and weaker than before. Taking the time to practice things like kegels, diaphragmatic breathing, and other rehabilitative type exercises can help strengthen them up and hopefully end your days of getting hemorrhoids.

If you’re not really sure where to start, I’d suggest using the Juna Moms App! Juna Moms is a fitness & nutrition app created FOR MOMS by A MOM who happens to be an expert in pre & postnatal exercise! One of the areas specifically targeted in this app is to help you rehabilitate your pelvic floor!

Now, normally you have to pay for a monthly subscription, but right now you can sign up for FREE and receive a 30 day trial AT NO COST! All you have to do is sign up using this link & enter in this code: KW30FREE

Another incredible option that I’d always suggest is going to in-person pelvic floor physical therapy.

If you find yourself in discomfort after trying some or all of these remedies and your hemorrhoids just don’t seem to be getting any better — please please please, contact your doctor!

It’s always important to let your doctor know about these kinds of issues so they can intervene sooner rather than later.

I hope after reading this post you’re able to find some relief and be done with your hemorrhoids once and for all!

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