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Positive Postpartum Journal Prompts for New Moms

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You just spend many long months growing that precious baby in your belly and now they’re here. You find yourself completely mesmerized by the perfect little facial features, tiny hands, and sweet little breaths. Meanwhile, sensing that something simply feels off. This, is postpartum.

The Postitive Postpartum Journal Prompts I’m going to share will help you reflect upon uplifting moments throughout your experiences as a new mom so far & use them to your advantage so you can feel more confident in enjoying your postpartum experience.

You can choose to write them down into a notebook as you please.

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Prioritizing your postpartum wellness

I want you to know right off the bat that the mixed feelings you have, have had or are having are normal.

Feeling an overwhelming wave of deep love for your baby, but also feeling distance from them is something many moms experience, but never find the courage to share.

Studies show that 1 in 7 postpartum women develop depression within the year they give birth [SOURCE]

This is one reason why it’s SO important that you, as a mom, find ways to prioritize your needs to prevent yourself from becoming one of those statistics.

Although your new role in life may have shifted to being a mother & caretaker to your new baby, that isn’t “just all” you are.

If I were to say, “Hello (your name) — tell me about yourself? What’re your hobbies? How do you enjoy spending your free time?” — what would you say back?

If your response looks like this: “Well I’m a mom & I just love being a mom…and I spend my time with my kids because I just love them” — I’d be inclined to think it’s a pretty red flag that you’re NOT getting your own personal needs met.

However, if it looked something like this: “Hi! I’m a mom & caretaker to two young children. I love being a SAHM, but I also enjoy going to brunch once a month with my sister in law and best friend! In my free time, I really love crafting — knitting sweaters for the family to be exact!” — you can clearly see the major differences between these two responses.

The point being, is that I want you to remember that outside of being a mom, you’re also a pretty darn incredible woman.

I want you to give that woman grace, time, and love so that her needs also get met.

If you need some help in the self-care department, no worries, I have a post ALL about finding time & activities for self-care!

If you are feeling like you could use some help navigating your postpartum wellbeing, I’d encourage you to check out Prevent Postpartum Depression — an online course created by a licensed perinatal therapist so that ALL MOMS can have access to postpartum support when they need it most!

You can also use code: FITMOMMYSTRONG to save 15% off your purchase of Prevent Postpartum Depression

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20 Positive Postpartum Journal Prompts for New Moms

If journaling is your outlet you’re in the right spot! If it’s not, give it a try — I always say don’t knock it til’ you try it!

  • Who has been your biggest support system and how/why throughout pregnancy and postpartum?
  • What are THREE positive things you’d like to thank your postpartum body for?
  • If you could give your pregnant self advice as a new mom, what would it be?
  • Share your birth story — highlight all the things that went well, including the things that did not.
  • What are FIVE tasks you could delegate to friends or family to help you focus on your own needs?
  • Write a letter to your baby: My precious darling, I want you to know…..
  • Write a letter to your postpartum self: Hey mama, you are a beautiful soul & I just want to share…
  • Write a letter to your partner: Hey my love, you’ve been so good to me, here’s why I appreciate you…
  • During childbirth, this is the birthing experience I remember…
  • What makes you proud of the mother you are becoming?
  • What advice would you give to yourself BEFORE becoming a mom now that you’ve given birth?
  • Name THREE positive & admirable qualities you have acquired or realized since becoming a mother?
  • I’m an amazing mom who is also more than a mother, these are my favorite things to do outside of motherhood: ________
  • What are FIVE tasks you accomplished today (with baby or without baby)?
  • Name TWO reasons you’re the best mom on the planet?
  • What areas in motherhood do you find you need the most help?
  • How can you continue to build your mom friendships? Is there anyone new you’ve been meaning to connect with?
  • Here’s a list of TEN songs that always put me in a good mood & why do I think they help my mood so much?
  • When I feel mom guilt, I will try to maintain a mindful mindset by…
  • Being a mom doesn’t define me because…

How to use these Postpartum Journal Prompts

The idea behind journal prompts is that they provide an inspiring or uplifting idea OR challenging thought for you to write about.

Basically – when you can’t necessarily formulate the words or train of thought for yourself, journal prompts help to start you off.

With these postpartum prompts, I really challenge you to dig deep and answer these questions fully.

I’ve found through my own postpartum depression & anxiety experiences that writing is a really wonderful way to express my deep feelings that I’m unable to verbalize.

By doing so you can identify things like:

  • triggering points or scenarios
  • your strengths & weaknesses
  • how to work through tougher situations
  • how to see the bright side of situations that don’t feel so positive
  • and much much more.
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Positive Postpartum Journal Prompts Recap

Using journal prompts is a great way to write out your thoughts for mental clarity.

As a postpartum mom, the fourth trimester brings many unknown and heavy emotions you may not know how to deal with, utilizing as many coping strategies as you can, can help tremendously.

Making sure you also don’t lose sight of who YOU are as an individual outside of motherhood is key to maintaining a healthy mental state.

If you are struggling with the postpartum period, talk to a friend, trusted family member, consider therapy or try the following resources below:

**If you ever feel like your mental health is too heavy to tolerate, please CALL the PSI Helpline at 1-800-944-4773 press #1 En Espanol or #2 English. You can also TEXT their text-friendly line at 503-894-9453 for English or 971-420-0294 for Espanol**

I hope these postpartum journal prompts help you find some light in your postpartum journey!

Which one of the journal prompts listed above resonates with you most?

20 Uplifting Postpartum Journal Prompts for Mom

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  1. I love these journal prompts. I think it really helps to write stories that you can share with your child later about your experience. Journaling in general is helpful. And moms need to take care of themselves to take care of others.

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