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The most AFFORDABLE online birth class taught by a labor & delivery nurse

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Thanks to the world being in a pandemic, many pregnant moms (like myself) had to cancel their in-hospital birth classes with no birth preparation backup. Well, I’m here to share an affordable online birth class (a few of them actually) took myself after my own birth classes were canceled.

If you’re a first time mom, you may be feeling a little sad that you won’t get that in person experience. Trust me, I feel your pain.

However, let me tell you, after taking this birth class from home, it was pretty awesome.

I got to stay in my pajamas, drink my coffee, and watch the videos AT MY OWN CHOOSING.

Plus, it was easier to get my husband involved without him feeling totally awkward in a room full of pregnant women, LOL.

So, if you still need to take a birth class and have had no luck finding one, don’t worry. By the end of this post you will find AT LEAST one to help get you prepared for baby’s big debut!

The online birth class taught by an experienced labor & delivery nurse

First and foremost, I have to rave about the birth class I personally took. It’s called Birth It Up.

Now, this birth class has 2 series, a NATURAL series, and a MEDICATED series. Basically, if you know for a fact you don’t want any medical intervention during delivery, you’ll want to opt for the Natural Birth Series.

If you plan to have medical intervention or at least an epidural, you’ll want the Medicated Birth Series.

What makes these birth classes unique is that they’re taught by an experienced Labor & Delivery Nurse (Liesel Teen) who sees and deals with childbirth for a living! Not to mention, as a mama of 2 herself, she’s pretty well versed on how to teach pregnant moms and know exactly what they need from her own experiences as well!

In these birthing classes you’ll learn all the following:

  • Choosing the best birth team for your delivery
  • How to prepare your body for labor
  • General anatomy of pregnancy through labor & delivery
  • When to call your midwife/provider
  • Warning signs & complications to watch out for
  • Natural & Medicated PAIN CONTROL (depending on the course you choose)
  • Breathing techniques
  • Birthing positions
  • Partner Support tips
  • AFTER BIRTH expectations and preparation
  • Cesarean information

Plus, these courses are so packed with information, it’s a great replacement when in-person classes aren’t available. So you won’t be missing out on any information at all.

If you’re ready to prepare for labor with Liesel like I did, CLICK HERE TO BIRTH IT UP! Liesel was kind enough to give me a special code, FITMOMMYSTRONG which will save you 10% off your purchase too!

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Other online childbirth classes you may like

If Liesel’s Birth It Up doesn’t seem to be a good match for you, that’s OK! The good news is, there are a few online birthing classes I’ve had the pleasure of researching and looking into that I know you’ll absolutely love!

The online prenatal class for couples

This online prenatal class for couples, taught by Hilary Erickson (also a labor and delivery nurse) takes a slightly different approach as it’s geared specifically for couples!

Her class focuses heavily on calming the stress and fears many moms experience before birth, such as being worried about pooping during labor, worrier their partner isn’t engaged, or scared about the idea of having a cesarean.

And her course comes in THREE affordable options to fit your budget (and learning style).

Option 1 – A downloadable e-book & couple workbook to help prepare you for childbirth.

Option 2 – Lifetime access to the online course which includes bonus teaching videos and the ability to ask questions throughout the class!

Option 3 – Everything in option 1 & 2 combined plus a private facebook for even more support outside of the course itself!

To view the pricing and breakdown of these courses, you can check them out here!

Loving your labor academy

Loving your labor academy is an online prenatal prep course taught by TWO labor & delivery nurses! Trish, who is a high-risk labor and delivery nurse & Heather a labor and delivery nurse of 6 years. Both of these ladies are also mamas!

This online labor academy is a bit different than the top 2 in that enrollment is ONLY open a few times per year (though they do have an option for you to access the course if you are in desperate need of a birth course).

However, if and when you sign up during one of their open enrollment slots, the information you recieve is PRICELESS!

They put on multiple LIVE trainings that go hand-in-hand with their online course. That means you get the opportunity to interact with them directly during their live teachings to ask questions, connect with other moms/parents, and much more!

How to know which birth class is best for you?

I’m going to break this down so that you’re able to pick the best birth class for you AND for your financial situation.


1st choice – Birth It Up

2nd choice – Option 1 of Prenatal Class for Couples

If you are NOT ON A BUDGET

1st choice – Birth It Up

2nd choice – Loving your labor academy (if you can wait for open enrollment)

3rd choice – Option 3 of Prenatal Class for Couples

If you have GIVEN BIRTH BEFORE & simply need a refresher

1st choice – Option 1 or 2 of Prenatal Class for Couples

2nd choice – Birth It Up

There you have it mamas! I hope you are able to find the best online birth class to help you prepare for the best labor & delivery experience possible!

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