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Why these online childbirth classes are TOTALLY worth it!

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I remember my first pregnancy, wondering ‘when should I take a childbirth class?’ all to forget to sign up for it when the time finally came. #MomFail

Now, if you’re sitting there wondering when to take a childbirth class or whether it’ll even be beneficial for you, I’m going to share EVERYTHING to help you make the best decision for YOU!

Because let’s be real — the idea of giving birth can be a bit scary! I don’t care if you’re planning to have a natural birth, hospital birth or even a cesarean. One way or another, a baby is exiting your body. And the ONLY way to be prepared for that is to educate yourself as much as possible!

Now, before we jump into classes, I want to ask, do you have an idea of the kind of birth you’d like to have? If you don’t, you may enjoy using a pregnancy planner!

The one I highly suggest is called the ‘Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner‘. On top of helping you track each trimester, doctor visits, symptoms and prepare your birth plan — it’s just an overall great way to stay organized and on track throughout your pregnancy (especially if you’re a first-time mama).

Alright mama, ready to talk about childbirth classes? Stick around til’ the end to get all those questions answered!

Are childbirth classes necessary?

One way or another, you will give birth to your baby; regardless of having taken a childbirth class or not.

But the big question – are they necessary? What can you GAIN from taking a childbirth class?

When should I take a childbirth class

Honestly, taking a childbirth class is so beneficial in my opinion. You may think you know a lot about birth based on the movies, or maybe a blog (like mine), but the truth is, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to giving birth.

There truly is SO much to know and understand about how your body works to get that baby out safely, that a simple blog post about childbirth just cannot cover in enough depth.

Plus, as I always say, educating ourselves is one of the BEST ways to equip ourselves for new challenges, in this instance, childbirth.

To get a general idea, most childbirth classes will go over the following:

  • Pain management tips
  • Pain relief options
  • Labor positions
  • Partner support
  • Breathing techniques (this is an important one!)
  • How to push
  • Accessories you can use
  • Knowing your rights and more!
online birth prep course

Are childbirth classes covered by insurance?

If you have medical insurance, the first thing I would do is contact your member services department or your OB department to find out if they offer childbirth classes.

Then, you can inquire about if the classes are covered by your insurance or maybe you’ll have a small co-pay.

I know from personal experience (although we were too late to sign up) our insurance DID cover a Lamaze Childbirth Class (more details on this kind of class below) with a $10 copay.

There was also a natural birth preparation class put on by an outside company that our insurance did not cover, so the out of pocket expense would have been $75.

BUT – you don’t necessarily NEED to take a childbirth class through your insurance.

If you’re a major introvert like I am, you probably can’t stand the idea of having to get in a room full of other expecting parents to learn about such a personal subject, right?

If that’s what’s holding you back, I’d highly suggest looking into an online childbirth class!

I have 2 online childbirth classes created by a labor & delivery nurse that I cannot rave about enough! They’re called:

  • Birth it up 2.0 (the childbirth class for those leaning or planning to get an epidural)

Plus, the creator (Liesel Ann) was kind enough to share a discount code with me: FITMOMMYSTRONG to save 10% off your course purchase(s)!

The other online birth class that I’ve heard GREAT things about, but haven’t had the chance to take myself, is:

This course is also taught by a Labor and Delivery RN! The other thing I do love about The Online Prenatal Course for Couples is that if you’re not ready to purchase the full course, you can try out the free version instead!

As I mentioned, I haven’t personally taken this second course, however I have heard great things from fellow moms out there that have!

Lastly, for all you moms looking to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), this is hands down the class for you! Created by a Labor & Delivery Nurse (she also created this birth class that’s highly interactive).

Check out the Successful VBAC Birth Course today!

When should I take a childbirth class?

The most common timeframe that seems to be commonly recommended is the 6 to 7 month mark of pregnancy.

However, in my personal opinion, I think the earlier you can get started the better!

Think about it this way, there is SO much that goes into giving birth to a child and preparing for having a baby that exceeds just childbirth itself! For instance:

Another important part of ‘when you should take a childbirth class’ is making sure your partner CAN BE INVOLVED!

Yes mama, get them enrolled with you! Make sure they have the time to be dedicated to learn and understand not just what you’re going through, but how they can be of help too!

Childbirth class techniques

Types of birthing classes:

Once you’re preparing to take a childbirth class, you may find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed. Why?

Because there are quite a few class options out there and you may not know which is the best for you. I hope this little list below helps you find the BEST childbirth class for your little family!

Lamaze Birth Classes

A Lamaze birth class, commonly referred to as ‘The Lamaze Technique’, is one of the most widely used techniques and classes in the world!

The Lamaze Technique focuses on helping mom using controlled breathing techniques to cope with pain & labor while also boosting a mother’s confidence in the act of giving birth.

If you’re unsure what birth class to go with, a Lamaze birth class is definitely a great place to start!

Hypnobirthing Classes

Hypnobirthing is a form of birth that combines controlled breathing techniques, relaxation and visualization techniques to cope with labor.

It really empowers you to feel like you’re in control of your labor experience, which can be very impactful for many mamas! This is a great option for moms looking to have more of a natural birth experience.

The Bradley Method Classes

The Bradley Method is yet another birthing technique that is actually VERY similar to The Lamaze Technique. However, there are some key differences.

With The Bradley Method, it highly encourages both mom & partner to work together throughout labor! It does, however, use a slightly different breathing technique than some that are recommended in Lamaze classes.

The Alexander Technique Birthing Method

This birth method is highly postural and positional based. With the Alexander Technique, you’ll learn how to trust your body so that you can birth your baby without mentally standing in your own way.

You will learn how to practice certain postures such as sitting, kneeling, or squatting so that you can naturally allow your baby to exit your body with confidence.

Online childbirth classes

Now, the other option would be to take an online birth class. The great thing (from my experience) with online birth classes, is that many of them INCLUDE bits and pieces of the various techniques above (which comes in helpful if you’re not wanting to attend multiple birth classes back to back).

The other benefit of taking an online birth class is you don’t have to leave your home! I found this to be VERY helpful during my 2nd pregnancy when I had a wild toddler running around all the time.

And lastly, MOST online childbirth classes are very affordable (which comes in handy if you don’t have insurance to cover your birth classes).

Some of the online birth classes I personally suggest are:

  • Birth it up 2.0 (the childbirth class for those leaning or planning to get an epidural)
  • Prenatal Crash Course (a prenatal course to help moms with less than 6 weeks before birth to help understand how your core functions during birth + a postpartum rehab plan)
  • Prenatal Core Training (6-week online program to prepare your core and pelvic floor for a connected and systematic approach to giving birth and recovery)

Now that you know when to take a childbirth class and some of the options available to you, which class are you planning to take??

Which online childbirth class will you be taking?

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Tips to find the BEST childbirth class

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