Thoughtful first mothers day gifts

Thoughtful First Mothers Day Gifts

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Celebrating Mother’s Day as a first time mom is so exciting! It’s a new chapter in your life that truly deserves to be honored. So, what are some thoughtful first mothers day gifts that mama will love?

I remember my first mother’s day celebration my husband went out of his way to make sure it was EXTRA special.

He got our family together, got me a cute personalized gift and some gorgeous flowers. Not to mention, a very thoughtful card.

However, not everyone has family so close by or may not have the biggest budget, so I’m going to share some affordable & thoughtful first mother’s day gifts that she will LOVE!

Thoughtful first mothers day gifts

What is the best gift for a new mom?

When it comes to getting a gift for a new mom, think about some of the struggles she may be dealing with:

  • Not having much time for herself
  • Being overwhelmed
  • Always tired
  • Probably tired of daily chores
  • Possibly breastfeeding struggles

Knowing some of her struggles can help you narrow down some ideas on what she may enjoy!

Think of things like:

  • Maybe a prepaid meal to HelloFresh or Purple Carrot so she doesn’t have to cook!
  • Offer to come over and help with some chores (an act of kindness)

What should I get my wife for her first Mother’s Day?

For your wife, you should definitely try to take a more sentimental approach. After all, this is the mother of your children we’re talking about 🙂

A few ideas that come to mind that say ‘YOU’RE THE BEST WIFE AND MOM EVER’ include:

  • A custom photo book filled with photos of you, mama and baby
  • Customized coupon book full of chores you’re willing to do to give her a break!
  • Homemade dinner & a clean house – this one’s always a good one!
  • A day to go out without having to be on mom-duty

Thoughtful first Mother’s Day gifts

Now, you might be thinking sure. You could get that special lady a simple gift from the store or maybe some flowers, but what about something more thoughtful? Something with deeper meaning?

Well, this little list highlights some awesome THOUGHTFUL Mother’s Day Gifts for mom’s first mothers day:

XO and Quin
MyMillie Jewelry

What do first-time moms do for Mother’s Day?

Now that you have some pretty solid gift ideas, what is it first-time moms actually want to do for Mother’s day?

Check out what these mamas have to say below:

“My husband gave me my perfect first Mother’s Day. I’m more about time to myself and experiences than physical gifts. He let me sleep in and made breakfast, took care of the baby for a few hours while I spent time with my mom (even cleaned while I was gone!), and made dinner for us when I came home ❤ It was wonderful”

Alice from Mommy to Mom

Is that not the sweetest thing ever?! I have to agree, I personally am more about the sweet gestures and feeling appreciated vs. receiving a physical gift.

Keep on reading for some more ideas from more real mamas below:

“For my first mother’s day, I would love to spend the day with my little girl and husband. We’d have a wonderful lunch and then I could go get an hour long massage. We could finish the day off with a movie, like Instant Family or something corny! “

– Courtney from The Unplanned Tiny Hand

“An ideal (First) Mother’s Day for me, #1 thing I want is to feel Appreciated. That could be expressed in so many different ways. Starting off the day with breakfast made for me would be great. I’m so used to being the breakfast cooker of the family. I think being able to relax first thing in the morning and wake up to a good meal would be a great way to show appreciation.

A card with meaningful words is such a simple, yet thoughtful gift. What woman doesn’t love being complimented? I think it’s the perfect gift because it is something that can be cherished for years as a keepsake and memory.

The only other thing I’d really like is quality time. Whether that be a movie at home or at the theater, it doesn’t matter. We could do anything, it doesn’t have to be fancy. I just want to spend the day feeling loved and cherished. “

– Sydney from Mama Snugs

“(For my first mother’s day….I’d enjoy) Sleeping in, breakfast in bed, spending time with my family”

– Emily from Simple Mama Life

Alright, so it’s pretty safe to say that MOST of the moms in here would enjoy a more low-key family day. A day where they’re being appreciated. Where they aren’t the ones responsible for doing the chores or being the primary baby caregiver.

However, if you’re the opposite, I’d love for you to leave a comment below sharing what YOUR ideal first Mother’s Day Celebration would look like!

Thoughtful First Mothers Day Gifts Recap

Hopefully, this post gave you some good ideas on how to spoil that special lady in your life. OR if you’re a mama reading this, I hope it’s given you some good ideas on how you’d like to spend your first Mother’s Day!

Remember when it comes to gift-giving or celebrations:

  • Aim for things that SHOW APPRECIATION
  • Choose a PERSONALIZED gift (if possible)
  • Gifts don’t always need to be about how much you spend, choosing FROM THE HEART means 10x more!

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