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Ultimate preparing for baby checklist – a FREE printable guide!

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I remember the feeling all too well…I had just taken my pregnancy test and within seconds saw that 2nd line…the one that means “I’M PREGNANT”. I remember the thoughts racing in my mind wondering “What’s next?!”, “How do we start preparing for baby?!”.

If that’s currently you — congratulations! First things first, please don’t panic.

Preparing for a baby isn’t as bad as it seems.

In fact, these should be days full of joy and excitement! And to make your life easier, I created a 100% FREE Baby On The Way Preparation Guide!

baby preparation FREE guide

Preparing for baby timeline

One of the biggest questions floating around preparing for baby is ‘when should you start & what should you do’?

Keep in mind, you have roughly 9 months until your bundle of joy arrives so what kinds of things should you start thinking of after seeing that positive pregnancy test?

  • Scheduled a doctor’s appointment to confirm your test
  • When and if you want to announce your pregnancy

After becoming pregnant with my second baby boy and being someone with a very type A personality — I decided to put together a checklist for myself. One that would encompass what I needed to do during EACH trimester. One that could help me keep track of important resources such as childbirth classes, breastfeeding support, and more! Last, but not least, one that would help me not just prepare myself and my husband, but prepare our entire home as well!

While I was using a very ugly version of this checklist for myself, I knew it could actually be helpful for pregnant mamas to use too! So I made it look extra pretty, added lots of information, and customized checklists JUST FOR YOU!

preparing for baby

Preparing for baby checklist printable

Like I mentioned earlier, this guide is LOADED with information. I kind of went a little nuts adding things into it because I wanted it to be actually helpful and now just some lame printable template you can get anywhere.

To grab your copy (which is 100% FREE), just click on the “GET NOW-FREE” button below.

From there you’d guide will be emailed to you and you can choose to use this guide online or you can print it out and place it in a small folder (like this 3-ring paper folder) or binder to take with you on the go.

Make sure that you also check your spam folder just incase it gets tossed there instead of your inbox.

baby prep guide

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate preparing for baby checklist – a FREE printable guide!”

  1. Omg this timeline and guide is SO HELPFUL! I have a friend who just found out that she’s pregnant and I’ll definitely share this with her. It can be overwhelming so thank you so much for this!

    1. aw, I’m so happy you found it helpful! Congratulations to your friend & I hope she finds it just as helpful <3

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