Milkology: The Ultimate Online Breastfeeding Course

Learn how to breastfeed with Milkology – Ultimate Breastfeeding Course

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Whether or not you breastfeed your baby or are pregnant and planning to breastfeed, learning how to breastfeed along with all the pros & cons should be a MUST for any new mama.

Before we begin, I just walk to clarify that I am a mommy of a sweet little (almost) 1 year old. I struggled with my breastfeeding journey to a point where I was so close to giving up.

I’m sharing this information NOT to take the place of a medical provider, but to encourage you to use these resources I, unfortunately, didn’t have during a very emotional time.

The class we’re about to talk about today that was created by Stacey Stewart (she’s a well-known Certified Lactation Educator & Mom of 3) is information-packed, convenient and highly recommended.

Milkology – The Ultimate Breastfeeding Online Class!

Milkology – The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

It’s also 100% AFFORDABLE! That’s right, we’re talking about an online breastfeeding course you can get for under $20 where you can learn how to breastfeed your baby!

Why choose an online breastfeeding course to help you learn how to breastfeed your baby?

Ok, you’re probably wondering why the heck you’d want to take an online breastfeeding course?

Being able to learn how to breastfeed from the comfort of your own home by a course that provides ALL the information you need to know! You can take the courses on your own time at your own pace.

You will feel finish each segment feeling SO prepared for any of the challenges of breastfeeding that arise. Last, but not least, you can include your partner!

Let me paint a picture, you’re 7 months pregnant. Your legs are swollen, you don’t want to leave the house and you keep dabbling in various breastfeeding articles. Yet, you have a million questions.

Milkology Online Breastfeeding Course

The other picture: You’re 2 weeks postpartum. You were sent home without lactation support. Your baby is crying, your nipples are sore and you feel like you’re failing this new mom life (which, you’re NOT by the way).

Sound familiar? Yeah, none of us want to leave the house when we’re about to pop. And you will not want to go anywhere right after you just gave birth to a sweet little baby!

Plus, having a supportive partner or support system to learn this information with you will be so important to a successful breastfeeding journey!

Why should I Breastfeed my baby?

I wasn’t always set on breastfeeding. Prior to having our son, I felt like I would be uncomfortable. It’s a feeling I can’t truly explain, but I had this notion that it would make me uncomfortable, therefore, I wanted to avoid it.

However, once I realized all the benefits there is to breastfeeding, I knew it was the right thing to do. When my son was taken into the NICU – that confirmed my decision.

Although I am 100% supportive of the “FED IS BEST” movement, I do believe that IF YOU HAVE THE CHOICE, Breast milk is surely more powerful. But why?

(And please know, my son has had PLENTY of formula! This is NOT a formula shaming post at all.)

In the Milkology Breastfeeding Online Class, Stacey covers all the properties about Breast milk you need to know! She also goes into depth about the amazing benefits for baby, mom, and family!

A brief overview is that breast milk provides your little one with nutrients, antibodies and incredible immune support that formula truly can’t top.

Breast milk has continuously been studied, and the new research they’re beginning to explore is incredible!

Did you know one study showed that when a sick baby nursed on his/her mama, the white blood cell (immune-boosting cells) levels increased by 13%! Incredible, right?!

At the end of the day, fed truly is BEST!

However, if you’re planning to breastfeed, make sure you use an online breastfeeding course like Milkology to guarantee you have the best information.

What information will I get from Milkology – The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class?

What I love most about this program is HOW MUCH INFORMATION Stacey includes from start to finish.

Did you know one of the biggest reasons mamas choose to quit breastfeeding or not even try, is due to the lack of information and education provided to them?

After taking this breastfeeding online class, you will NOT feel like you don’t have enough information. You will also be able to access this information whenever you’d like. To me, that’s worth the small investment.

The class itself is broken into a video series covering various topics such as understanding the benefits of breastmilk, how to latch baby, breastfeeding positions, and so much more!

I find videos much easier to follow and think it’s nice to learn with an interactive approach vs. just reading an entire course on paper. It’s just more personable and makes it easier to learn in my opinion.

What is the big takeaway from using an online breastfeeding course to learn how to breastfeed?

After reading this post, you probably know I’m also pro-breastfeeding, but I’m also not against formula feeding.

And shoot, if you’re here reading this, my guess is because you’re pro-breastfeeding too (if I’m wrong, then clearly I suck at guessing LOL).

The benefits of using an online breastfeeding course are:

  • It’s extremely affordable (only $19!)
  • You don’t have to take time out of your day to travel to a hospital setting for an in-person course that can last hours.
  • You have access to complete the class on your own time & at your own pace.
  • Your husband, partner, family, etc can get involved so they will understand how to support you during this time.
  • The class is made up of video series making it highly interactive and easy to follow!
  • You’ll learn all about the benefits, challenges, and everything you need to know about breastfeeding!

How did you learn how to breastfeed your baby? Share your tips for new mamas in the comments below!

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