New Years Resolution List Ideas

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It’s almost the New Year and if you’re into making resolutions, you’re probably wondering what should I put on my New Years Resolution List for 2020?

Personally, I’ve never been a big resolution list maker.

I find it’s a very forced way to jam a ton of things into one list you ‘swear’ you’re going to do, come to find out it’s just unrealistic for me.

Regardless of what I do or how I set my personal goals, I’m going to share some awesome New Years Resolution List Ideas to help you find some inspiration for your 2021 list.

So, grab your pen and 2021 planner, because we’re about to dive into some awesome goals!

Put your health first with these 2020 Fitness Resolution Ideas

Every year, so many of us go ‘this is the year’ I’m going to ______________ (get healthy, lose weight, eat better, stay hydrated, etc….)

Does that sound familiar?

Think about it, why WOULDN’T you WANT to put your health first for once?

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a parent or a mama, what better reason to stay in good health then your kids?

Now, trust me when I say I understand HOW HARD IT IS to focus on being healthy. It truly comes down to making habits that form a lifestyle. And I don’t mean cutting out food groups and living this miserable life of never eating what you enjoy and slaving away at the gym.

I’m talking about making healthier choices on a day to day basis. This could mean consuming 75% nutrient-dense foods, while still enjoying 25% of the foods you love! It could be going for a walk with your kids or family 2 times a week instead of watching TV.

Those are just a couple of small, practical ways to approach your health goals while still ENJOYING LIFE!

Some other Fitness Resolution Ideas you might want to add on your list if you’re feeling extra up to the challenge:

  • Eliminating things that cause you excess stress.
  • Hire a personal trainer! Not sure where you look? Use Find Your Trainer to locate an expert to help you reach those fitness goals without worrying about any gym contracts or set up costs!
  • Find a workout you ENJOY and can commit to! (If you’re a postpartum mama, I’d highly recommend the Mutu System! It’s fun, rehabilitative, AND you can do it at home! In fact, you can try out their mini-taster program starting in Jan 2020 to see if it’s a good fit for you)
  • Bonus Tip – If you need extra inspiration to hit those health goals, get yourself some new activewear, gym shoes (my personal favorites are from Reebok), or something FUN to be an encouraging reminder!
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Spend more time with family!

That’s right, spending more time with family should be added to your New Years Resolution List!

Now, I’m definitely not saying to go out of your way and become besties with that one relative you never talk to or the one who always causes family drama.

I am, however, saying that if you spend most of your time at work, bring your work home and don’t unwind enough to be present at home with your family, that has to change.

Family Memories
Photo by Pexels

Not sure how to spend more time with your family?

Try some of these fun family time ideas:

  • Go out for a walk together.
  • Bake a delicious recipe together.
  • Plan a vacation together, it could be a local staycation or something out of town!
  • Prepare dinner or breakfast as a family (give the little ones their own jobs to help make this an extra special event! You can even let them use their own pots & pans set for added fun!).
  • Have a movie night together!

Tackle your money resolutions in the New Year!

There’s nothing worse than going year after year stuck in a financial rut.

As someone who was once struggling to save a few bucks while also paying down student loan debt, I can relate that it just flat out sucks!

Pair that with having a family and other big financial responsibilities, somethings gotta give right? Right!

That’s why the New Year can be a GREAT time to buckle down, write down some goals and slowly chip away at making them happen!

In fact, an old coworker of mine who is now an expert financial planner has a very practical approach to getting your finances together called the High-5 Banking Method.

Another great approach to tackling financial goals is by Dave Ramsey! If you haven’t yet checked out his stuff, you should!

Some other basic and practical tips you can use to tackle your money resolutions in the new year:

  • Pay down your debt! If you have any high-interest debt, turn your focus to pay that down ASAP!
  • Cut out expenses that fall under leisure vs. necessity.
  • Find ways to lower your bills (such as using shopping apps to earn $$ back like Shopkick or Ibotta, say goodbye to expensive cable and use Sling TV instead, etc…)
  • Once your debt is paid off, work on saving up towards bigger $$ goals!

Live Intentionally in 2021!

Sometimes, we become so consumed by the things we “NEED” to do on a daily basis we lose sight of living with intention.

This could have negative impacts on your personal mental health, your family, your friendships and more!

Let the New Year be a reminder that this year does NOT need to be a repeat of the last! Take steps to practice living more intentionally each and every day.

How to practice living intentionally?

  • Live for YOU and nobody else. Stop comparing your life to others. Your life is yours.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself, not long-shot ones.
  • Spend more time getting to know yourself; what is your purpose? Why do you wake up every single morning?
  • Spend time with your family and those that uplift you!
  • Say GOODBYE to those that cause drama and stress in your life.
  • Get rid of daily clutter around the home!
  • Invest in yourself and do more things you LOVE!

How to make a New Years Resolution List?

If you want to make a New Year Resolution list you can ACTUALLY stick to, use these tips below to help you get started the right way!

  • Set small, realistic, & measurable goals.
  • Make a plan to check in with yourself and your progress.
  • Share your list with friends or on social media as a way to hold yourself accountable.
  • Be specific about your goals.
  • Allow yourself room for a break or to re-evaluate your goals if needed!
  • Acknowledge your achievements along the way!

What items will you be putting on your New Years Resolution List for 2021??

New Year Resolution Ideas for 2020

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