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Being a new mom (if you’ve read my other posts) can be overwhelming. Honestly, you don’t even have to be a ‘new mom’ to feel that overwhelm kick in. That’s why I decided to make a post sharing New Mom Programs you can do from the comfort of your own home to help you prepare and adjust to motherhood!

If you’re still preparing for your baby’s big arrival, that’s the most PERFECT time to begin taking these online programs!

And no, you don’t need to take all of them or any of them if you don’t think they could help you

Had I been better equipped with this information before my son’s birth, I feel there’s a lot of issues I could have avoided or found a solution for quicker.

Plus, if you’re not a mom and simply trying to figure out how you can show some serious love & support to a special new mama in your life, these programs make the PERFECT gift for any new mom.

Trust me, she’ll be thanking you forever!

Some of the programs we’ll be talking about today cover topics like:

  • Postpartum Depression
  • Preparing for Birth (Natural)
  • Preparing for Birth (with an epidural)
  • Breastfeeding (for both pumping and nursing moms)
  • Breastfeeding for working moms
  • Relationships after baby (what to expect and how to keep your relationship strong)
  • Helpful ways to overcome mom guilt
  • Positive parenting tips for handling toddler tantrums

New Mom Programs to help get adjusted to motherhood!

Below are the following programs that you can take in the comfort of your own home as you prepare for motherhood:

Online breastfeeding education

Here’s some not so new news. Breastfeeding DOESN’T always come naturally to moms! Yup, it’s the truth!

Some moms don’t even realize some of the challenges they could be facing when it comes to breastfeeding which is why it’s that much more important to prepare yourself with as much information and education as possible!

breastfeeding woman

For example, do you know how to identify if your baby has a correct latch? Can you tell if you’re emptying your breasts efficiently?

Those are just two tiny areas of breastfeeding, meanwhile, there’s a whole basket of information waiting to be found out! So where can you find it out?

Milkology Online Breastfeeding Class

This class is PERFECT for expecting moms looking for an introductory class to learn the ins and outs of breastfeeding their newborn baby! You’ll learn about latching techniques, how/why breastmilk is totally awesome, positioning tips and more!

Milkology Online Exclusively Pumping Class

Similar to the breastfeeding class, this one is tailored to all the moms who exclusively pump for their babies! Because let’s be real, pumping is JUST AS HARD as nursing our little ones! It has its own set of challenges such as using the right pump, selecting the correct sized flanges, sticking to a schedule and more!

Milkology Going Back to Work Class

This class is amazing in helping moms who have to return to work, but also want to continue breastfeeding their baby! It’s full of tips and support to help you successfully continue your breastfeeding journey without feeling guilty or without the added pressures no mom needs to deal with.

Online birthing classes

Regardless of whether you’re looking to have a natural birth or get an epidural, it ain’t easy pushing out a kid!

That’s why taking a birthing class can be tremendously helpful! You can learn all about the pros & cons of various birth options to help you decide which is BEST for you!

It can also help you fine-tune your birth plan, choose any positions you’d like to try, whether you’d like to use a yoga ball, etc….

Birth it up (Natural Birthing Course)

Both of the Birth it Up courses have been created & designed by Leisel Ann, a Labor & Delivery Nurse who you can read more about over on the Q&A I did with her to help moms prepare for birth!

Her Natural Birthing course goes into SO MUCH DETAIL surrounding education on how the process works, benefits of natural birth, understanding contractions, pain relief tips and more!

Birth it up 2.0 (The epidural series)

The epidural series of this birth course is, as you guessed, geared for moms planning to get an epidural. And likely, have a hospital birth.

This class goes into much more depth regarding everything you could ever wonder about getting an epidural, how it works in your body and what effects it could have on your baby.

She also explains labor progression, contractions, when to call your doctor and again, much much more!

natural birth

Postpartum Health Classes

Preventing Postpartum Depression (created by Abby Burd – Licensed Perinatal Mental Health Therapist)

You may have seen me mention this course before and it’s because it’s one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!

Postpartum depression is real. It can be a huge burden for many moms all over the world who aren’t prepared to deal with the emotional weight it can cause. That’s why I highly suggest taking this course BEFORE baby is born.

Arm yourself with education about perinatal mood disorders and how you can beat the odds instead of falling victim to them!

Relationship After baby online class

Relationship After Baby (created by Abby Burd – Licensed Perinatal Mental Health Therapist)

Many couples are faced with surprising challenges after the birth of a baby. Such as more arguing, lack of romance, resenting one another and many more.

This course covers HOW & WHY couples commonly experience these issues along with what you can do to overcome them and keep your relationship strong for your family!

Coping with mom guilt online course

Overcoming Mom Guilt

This course is great for new moms dealing with the dreaded mom guilt.

It will help to teach you tactics you can use to combat those anxious guilty feelings so you can live a more present and fulfilling life with your family!

upset mom

Positive parenting online course

Toddler Tantrum Toolkit

I recently had the privilege of taking this course and holy moly is it filled with SO MUCH HELPFUL INFORMATION!

I’m at the point in motherhood where my son is 18 months old and basically wild. I’m also pregnant and preparing for postpartum all over again. Needless to say, I needed some help trying to tame these tantrums.

I learned so many things from instructor Bryana Kappa, a licensed marriage and family therapist + Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist such as:

  • Helping my young son manage his emotions
  • Dealing with a tantrum in the moment
  • Tips to prevent tantrums
  • How to set a positive example as a parent

Seriously, if you’re headed into toddlerhood and feel like you’re in the midst of hell, PLEASE know there’s a major reason these emotions are coming out in frequent outbursts and there are ways you can manage them!

Which ‘New Mom Programs’ from this list are you planning to sign-up for??

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9 New Mom Programs Full of Various Motherhood Tips!

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