Uplifting Mom Coloring Journal

The Uplifting Mom Coloring Journal {PRINTABLE}

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If you’re looking for a creative & relaxing way to unwind after a rough #MOMLIFE kind of day, the Uplifting Mom Coloring Journal has got you covered!

Listen, we all know day to day life of motherhood is tough.

It doesn’t matter if you stay at home, work from home, work away from home, work full time or part-time — we’re all moms and we all have challenges.

Wanna know what else we probably have in common? That we SUCK at taking time for ourselves to unwind.

Half the time were too busy, too stressed, financially strapped or for whatever reason, we don’t make ourselves a priority.

So…I decided ENOUGH is enough!

I created the Uplifting Mom Coloring Journal as a way for us to unleash our hectic days into this journal, feel inspired after reading the uplifting affirmations, and get creative with gorgeous coloring pages!

Why mom journals are awesome

Journaling is a wonderful tool for managing stress (wait…what?!).

That’s right. In one 2005 study, it concluded that “Writing about traumatic, stressful or emotional events has been found to result in improvements in both physical and psychological health…

That means if you had a rough day at work, dealt with never ending tantrums or even had an argument with your partner — journaling is a great way to cope with those lingering feelings of stress.

In the Uplifting Mom Coloring Journal, you’ll find 4 different variations of journal pages.

You can print as little or as many as you want and begin letting that stress exit your body as it hits the paper!

How to use a coloring book for mom

As adults, we tend to overthink things.

Remember when you were about 7 years old, you had the coolest twisty crayons (or if you were 13, you probably had some sweet gel pens).

You’d doodle, color, and draw all day long. Because something about coloring is kind of, well, therapeutic!

That’s the same concept!

Grab your favorite markers, pens, or steal some of your kiddos crayons and color away!

The Uplifting Mom Coloring Journal comes with 11 unique coloring pages paired with an uplifting affirmation or phrase.

You can pick and choose which ones you want and customize your own personal journal filled with your favorite coloring pages! Pretty neat, right?!

Affirmations for mom

Lastly, the affirmations in this coloring journal were personally written to resonate with you.

To remind you that YOU are an awesome mom, but you’re also MORE than just a mom.

The last page of The Uplifting Mom Coloring Journal has 8 mini cards you can choose to print off and store around the house, in your purse, or even in the car as a constant reminder to remember how amazing you are!

Grab a FREE Printable Coloring Page from The Uplifting Mom Coloring Journal!

If you’re not really sure that journaling or coloring is your thing, feel free to download a FREE sample page here!

Don’t force yourself to color or journal if you’re not feeling it.

It needs to be something that comes naturally. Like when your husband gets home from work and you just want to unload your entire day on him (sorry Hunny, LOL)

Well, imagine these pieces of paper are your husband/partner.

Unload your day on them. Then, once that’s off your chest, have some fun feeling inspired by the affirmations as you color them in.

Ready to grab your copy of The Uplifting Mom Coloring Journal? Just click the button below!

Mom coloring journal examples

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Free Printable Coloring Page for Busy MOMS

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