the lovely haze of baby days book review

The Lovely Haze of Baby Days Book Review (A Postpartum Book For Moms)

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Being a mom, in the thick of diaper changes, late-night wakings, and endless piles of laundry can sometimes feel, lonely. That is, until you read The Lovely Haze of Baby Days.

The Lovely Haze of Baby Days, written by Lindsay Keller-Madsen is a playful tribute with adorable illustrations bringing motherhood to real life during your storytime for your little one.

I’ve shared this postpartum statistic many times before, but did you know ONE in FIVE women develop postpartum depression and anxiety sometime after birth?

the lovely haze of baby days

A Postpartum Book For Moms, Designed For Children

When I first read the Lovely Haze of Baby Days (which was provided to me at no cost by Lindsay, thank you, Lindsay!), I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief rush over me.

As I flipped through the pages reading it to my two young boys, my toddler blurted out “baby” as he pointed to the little baby drinking a bottle of milk. He was then quick to say “baby eat milk” as he looked over at the baby nursing from his mother.

I got teary-eyed because in some way it felt like my toddler, only 2 years old, actually understood what it meant when he has seen me nursing his baby brother.

I know it sounds silly to get teary-eyed over that, but my son has a speech delay. Something I’ve shared countless times as it’s caused a lot of communication & understanding hurdles for him.

However, this book, between its simplistic yet poetic way of being written and its colorful, flowing, but realistic images stole the attention of my 2-year-old as I’ve never seen before.

It felt, just peaceful.

Like in some way, maybe he understood all those things I do as a mom — for him and his brother are because I love them so so much.

The Lovely Haze of Baby Days Normalizes Postpartum Blues & Common Struggles.

It’s no surprise that postpartum moms have a lot on their plate.

You could be a working mom, stay-at-home mom, mom of triplets, the list goes on and on…but the one commonality we all share is we’re all experiencing struggles in some way shape, or form.

the lovely haze of baby days

These struggles, however, are also nothing to be ashamed of. I love how this book hits home to emphasize that.

I think it’s so important moms feel empowered to advocate for themselves when needed and when to give themselves grace during a time that may feel out of control but is so normal to many of us (we just don’t often share it enough to make it known).

From sleepless nights to having babies literally stuck in your hair — The Lovely Haze of Baby Days gives proof that motherhood is messy, but it sure doesn’t have to be lonely.

The Lovely Haze of Baby Days Makes A Great Gift For New Moms.

If you know a mom who is expecting or who has recently given birth, The Lovely Haze of Baby Days makes a great gift to give her!

Not only will she able to feel less isolated and alone throughout her journey into motherhood, but she’ll also be able to share this new journey with her children too.

Your Children Will Love This Colorful Motherhood Book

As I mentioned, my toddler was so intrigued by all the adorable artwork in this book.

Not only was it colorful and fun, but it included images to which he’s very familiar with seeing on a day-to-day basis, which made it even more exciting.

My toddler wasn’t the only one loving this new book, my infant loved it just as much!

During our usual tummy time, I left the book on the floor nearby and he tried with all his might to pull himself as close as possible to the book so he could look at and touch the pages.

baby reading the lovely haze of baby days

How a postpartum book can help mom feel supported through baby blues:

When you think of postpartum books we tend to think of workbooks or books that are self-reflective to offer some kind of guidance, like this one for example.

The Lovely Haze of Baby Days isn’t a workbook at all. Nor does it offer ways to help you cope through postpartum directly.

But what it does best, better than some other books out there I’ve seen — is it bring unity between mothers and their babies.

I can’t even tell you how many times I thought back to my worst days dealing with postpartum anxiety or depression after my first was born and wondering what would’ve happened if I had a book like this?

What if, I read this book to my son back then and actually felt like someone else knew what I was going through?

It could’ve made all the difference and maybe not, but I like to think since isolation and loneliness are two key components to adding fuel to the postpartum fire that maybe, just maybe, I could’ve recognized I wasn’t alone sooner.

The Lovely Haze of Baby Days can cheerfully help more moms feel less alone and more supported, lets get this book into the hands of more mothers and more littles!

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