Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Bags Review

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage: Here’s Why They Rock!

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If you’re a pregnant or breastfeeding mom, you’ve probably heard all about the Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Bags. BUT…did you know they have products FAR beyond just breast milk bags?

As a breastfeeding mom myself, I’m all about convenience.

There’s nothing about breastfeeding that is “easy” (at least not until your baby gets older), but even then you could face challenges.

So if there was a way to make something as little as pumping, storing your milk, etc… easier, it’s worth a shot right?

That’s why I’m so excited to share my review on the Kiinde Breastfeeding Gift Set! I did receive this product for free (hello full transparency here!), however, the opinions of this review are 100% my own.

Before I continue, if you’d like to receive a FREE Kiinde Starter Pack to try for yourself, simply CLICK HERE to snag your freebies before it’s too late!

kiinde breastfeeding gift set

Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding System Gift Set (what is it?)

So first off, if you haven’t heard of Kiinde, you’ve probably, at minimum seen their cool breast milk storage bags that allow you to pump DIRECTLY into the bag! Like this:

The system itself is a simple concept — “One Pouch. Three Uses.”

That’s right, you can use them to pump breast milk directly into the bags or simply store breast milk after a pump.

You can use them to mix and feed formula (because yes, it converts into a freakin’ bottle!).

Lastly, you can use them for FOOD! Have you seen those little fruit squeeze pouches (like this one) all kiddos are obsessed with? Well, with Kiinde, you can basically make your own!

I mean, how freaking cool are these storage bags already?

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Gift Set – My Review

kiinde breastfeeding gift set contents

Here’s all the items that came in my Kiinde storage gift set:

  • 20 – 6oz Twist Pouches, Direct-Pump, Recyclable Breastmilk Storage Pouches
  • 14 – Twist Direct-Pump™ Adapters (compatible with ALL major pump brands)
  • 1 – Twist Keeper™ Breastmilk Storage Bag Holder
  • 1 – Kozii® Breastmilk and Bottle Warmer
  • 2 – Twist Squeeze™ Natural Feeding Bottles
  • 1 – Slow-Flow Twist Active Latch® Nipple with Case
  • 1 – Medium-Flow Twist Active Latch® Nipple with Case
  • 1 – Fast-Flow Twist Active Latch® Nipple with Case
  • 2 – Nipple Cleaning Brushes
  • FREE GIFT – the Foodii™ Squeeze Snack™ Filling and Feeding System

Now, I’m going to share my full review of each item that came in my gift set, so here we go!

Kiinde Twist Pouch

I love love love the easy twist on/off lids. They feel secure, they don’t leak and they’re simply easy to use.

I used the Twist Direct-Pump Adapters to my Spectra Breast Pump to see how well I’d be able to pump into the bags and it worked!

I’m not sure why it made me so nervous, maybe it’s because I’ve spilled milk before pumping, but these little pouches were locked on securely and it made pumping to store milk WAY more convenient.

I will say, storing these bags in the freezer takes up a lot more room than the classic flat bags (like the lansinoh storage bags).

Unfortunately, it’s due to the awesome twisting cap. If I had a bigger freezer I probably wouldn’t mind it as much, but because I have a relatively smaller freezer, I don’t think I’d be able to stash away as much milk.

Just something to keep in mind if you’re limited on freezer space.

Other specs that are good to note:

  • They can hold up to 6 oz, though I never stored more than 4oz in mine and they looked pretty darn full.
  • They can be used for breast milk, formula, or food (purees).
  • They can adapt to the following pumps/brands (with the correct adaptors) — Medela, Ameda, Evenflo, Hygeia, ARDO, Spectra, Philips Avent, BabyBuddha, Lansinoh, First Years, Playtex, Tommee Tippee, Dr. Brown’s Bottles.

Twist Squeeze™ Natural Feeding Bottles & Twist Active Latch® Nipples

Kiinde Active Latch

One of the more unique features of this set is the fact it can double up directly as a bottle.

No, it doesn’t really look like a classic baby bottle, but you can switch out your connectors to either attach the Kiinde provided nipples or use one of the adaptors to connect your own.

So of course, I had to try it out for myself.

Now moms, we ALL know babies are picky little creatures. It can take forever to find the ONE aka the bottle/nipple they accept to drink from.

Sadly, Kiinde was NOT a winner in my baby’s feeding book.

I tried the slowest flow nipple they offer because he is a GERD baby and can have flare-ups pretty easily.

But I think it was more the entirety of the “bottle” he just wasn’t going for. Although I love you can take your bag, hook on a nipple and casing and make it into a bottle, it was pretty bulky & just a bit awkward to hold for me as well.

One thing I DID like, is that since the milk is in the bags, you can easily squeeze out any air prior to feeding (very helpful for the GERD situation).

All in all, the idea behind this is awesome, but you can’t be the best at everything.

Breast milk Storage Bag Holder

kiinde storage bag holder

I love this storage bag holder aka the TWIST KEEPER. I’m one of those moms that HAS to have everything in neat order (especially when it comes to my breast milk), but as I mentioned earlier, it just takes up way too much space in my freezer.

The holder holds 12 bags at a time and I currently have around 20 in my freezer (thanks major over supply this time around).

So, although 12 of my bags are neatly stored, the others are kind of just hanging out around the area.

One idea I did have though is since I have a toddler and baby, is to only store the food pouches on the holder and then just put my milk into flat bags for easier storing.

If you have an upright freezer, then you’ll probably love this as much as I really really wanted to!

Foodii™ Squeeze Snack™ Filling and Feeding System

I wanted to love this for my baby, but the idea of a 6 month old NOT making a mess with a squeeze pouch is just not realistic.

They were, however, a MAJOR hit with my 2-year-old! He LOVES the squeeze feeding system!

He doesn’t even need the little feeding spoon attachment that it comes with, but he really enjoys using it.

Filling the pouches are also easy thanks to the screw cap design and the little cup it comes with to fill them up.

All things considered, I really love these pouches for storing puree type foods & plan to continue making my own for my toddler!

Breast Milk and Bottle Warmer

Kiinde milk and bottle warmer

Saving the best for last, the bottle warmer.

I won’t lie, I’ve been getting by with my cheap ol’ reliable Philips Avent Bottle Warmer. Needless to say, I was excited to try this one!

So far, I’m LOVING it.

What I really like is that it uses STEAM-FREE Safeheat® technology, creating a warm swirling water bath to safely warm milk whether it’s in a bottle or bag.

It’s so easy to use, you just twist the dial to however many minutes you need, can walk away to change a poopie diaper, come back and the water will be warm (not hot at all), and your milk will be nicely warmed.

So… How Much Do The Kiinde Bags Cost?

I put together a little comparison chart for you to see how much they cost and how they compare to other bags out there at the moment!

Kiinde milk bags comparison chart

Best Milk Storage Bags Recap

Kiinde make innovative & easy to use storage bags that can be used beyond just breastfeeding — breast milk, formula, and food!

The storage bags are thick featuring a leak-proof design & an easy twist on/off cap that can also attach directly to your breast pump for easy pumping.

They take up a bit more room than the standard breast milk storage bags, but again, they offer more usage than just storage alone.

Overall, I found this system very useful.

I think moms will LOVE the fact that milk/food storage just got easier along with minimizing any leaking plus all the multi-use features Kiinde and their products offer!

kiinde breastfeeding gift set

Have you tried Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Bags? How did you like them?

Kiinde Storage Set Review By A Breastfeeding Mom

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