How to start a Mom Blog

How to start a mom blog in 2021 for beginners

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Hey Mama! I’m sure you’ve read tons of posts on how to start a mom blog.

And let me guess, you still have TONS OF QUESTIONS!

I know. I was once in your shoes. I can’t even remember how many “how to start a mom blog” articles I read. How many other mama blogs I went to trying to find tips and ideas.

Now, before we get into this post I want to make it VERY clear that starting a mom blog is not some get rich quick scheme.

It takes a lot of learning, patience, and consistency in order to watch your hard work pay off over time. In fact, I’m STILL LEARNING. Each and every day.

But I wanted to share a little more on how to get started since I get asked all the time.

So, you ready to learn all the details? Good, lets go!

How to start a mom blog for beginners in 2021

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1) Set-up a long term plan with goals for your mom blog.

As I mentioned earlier, starting a mom blog isn’t something to do if you’re trying to make a ton of money in a short amount of time.

Is it possible? Yeah, but you would have to be one of the rare exceptions from the rest of the blogging world.

Sit down and develop a long-term approach to this new endeavor. Ask yourself these questions and write them all out:

  • Can I stay committed to blogging for at least 1-2 years?
  • Am I willing to invest a small amount into this new business? (Yes mama, it’s a business!)
  • Is there a NEED for the topic I want to write about?
  • Will I have 1-2 hours per day to spend on my blog?
  • What are my short term goal (6 months) and long term goals (1yr+)?
  • Am I doing this solely for money or because I’m passionate about it?

You may find after answering, maybe starting a mom blog isn’t for you! Or quite the opposite, you may find that fire lit inside you is burning to get started!

Before moving on, I wanted to share that one of my favorite mommy bloggers has an AMAZING step-by-step course covering how to start a blog. If you’re serious about getting started, I’d highly recommend checking it out!

2) Pick a platform. What is the BEST platform for blogging?

I’m going to be biased here because I use I find it much easier to use and much more customizable in the long run.

Note the .org means you will need to find a “HOST” for your site. This is whst you want. It means YOU will have full control over your site.

Now, if you don’t have the money to pay for hosting, you can use the .com version of WordPress in the meantime.

There are other ways you can start a blog such as using Square Space or Wix, but I don’t personally have experience with them. Plus, I’ve heard they aren’t the best when it comes to monetizing (aka – making money).

In addition, the WordPress. ORG option allows you to 100% own your website and content. So in the long run, this is the most beneficial approach.

3) Pick a host. Who is the best host for blogging website?

Now that you decided on your platform, let’s get you a host. I’m going to be even MORE biased here because I love my website host, NameHero!

When I started blogging, I knew NOTHING about the technicalities about building a website.

Fortunately, I joined a few facebook blogging groups that provided a ton of direction.

Some things you may want to consider looking into:

  • Do you want server managed hosting of FULLY managed hosting?
  • What is your budget?
  • Consider your long term plans — will you renew or will you find a new host when renewal is up?

Another host to consider that is also affordable is called SiteGround.

Siteground is known for providing affordable hosting services, however, recently I’ve been seeing that their customer service has really been going downhill.

I don’t use them so I cannot say for certain, but maybe something to look into a bit more (especially if you’re not tech-savvy and will need lots of support).

5) Pick your mom blog’s domain name

Choosing a domain name for your blog can be tricky. This is the name that will be the name of your blog, likely social media pages and make up your URL.

Keep in mind you want your blog name to be DIFFERENT than other mom blogs. For instance if someone has the name “The Motherhood Diaries” you wouldn’t want to then choose “Motherhood Diaries”.

Simply removing the “The” does NOT make the name much different. It also could be confusing for your audience to find your blog without getting mixed up with the other person’s in the future.

A better option would be to choose a name like “The Diary of Motherhood” or “Mama’s Motherhood Diary”. Does that make sense?

6) Blog niche ideas to help narrow your niche

Choosing a niche or what you will be writing about doesn’t always come easy to us. I’m guessing most of you are here because you want to start a mom blog, lol!

After having my son as a first time mama who enjoyed writing to help me cope with all the changes, I decided to make a mom blog! It brought me happiness and fulfillment for myself, but made me feel even better knowing it was impacting and helping other moms too!

I knew it was a topic I could passionately write about for the long haul as most of you know, motherhood is ALWAYS CHANGING.

So, what are YOU passionate about? Is it motherhood? Maybe it’s cooking?

What do you enjoy talking to people about on a day-to-day basis?

Are you an expert in anything specific?

The key component to having a successful mom blog that makes money will be a blog that is providing useful & genuine content for its readers.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

Once you decide your niche, start thinking of some names! Be sure to research to make sure you’re not taking someone else’s name, especially, if it’s trademarked!

Some blog niche ideas to consider:

  • Parenting (topics could include — parenting hacks, baby care, toddlerhood, working parents, pregnancy, family holidays, etc…)
  • Working from home (topics could include — helping people work from home, offering VA services, how to start a blog, how to start an at-home business, work from home challenges, etc…)
  • Frugal living (topics could include: ways to save money, how to build savings, grocery shopping on a budget, etc…)
  • Pregnancy blogger (topics could include — fertility content, pregnancy, preparing for birth, preparing for baby, etc…)

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7) Decide how you will focus on monetizing your mom blog.

So, you probably want to make money from your mom blog right? But how?

I want to say that spreading yourself too thin off the bat is not the way to go here. It will be overwhelming with information on how to make money from your blog.

I would highly encourage you to pick ONLY 1-2 ways initially and focus on them for a minimum of 6 months. You may find you make nothing, maybe you make $1, maybe you make $200. Just trust me, you don’t want to spread yourself thin and half-ass your work.

Ways to monetize your mom blog:

  • Becoming an affiliate for a product you love! Affiliate marketing works by promoting and sharing products you love and use with your viewers.
  • Write sponsored blog posts. Team up to collaborate with various brands to get paid to write a blog post/social media shares promoting their products!
  • Create/Sell YOUR OWN products! What are you an absolute expert at? You can create an ebook, online class, etc…sharing your expertise with your viewers!
  • Advertisements. You can grow your blog to gain enough traffic (typically 10k + monthly page views) and sign up for an ad service to generate income this way.

I personally feel like the affiliate/sponsored posts are amazing ways to generate income, although it’s a much slower income.

I find it’s really fun for me to connect with my mommy readers and share products that can actually help them during their day to day lives!

Here’s an example of one of my most recent sponsored posts sharing a baby sleep blanket that helped my son get back on his sleep schedule!

7) Before you write, understand the 2 biggest traffic drivers to most blogs.

Most mom blogs gain traffic from Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the leading visual search engines (yes, it is an SEO visual search engine) where people go to find visually appealing answers to their questions!

The 2nd traffic driver you should be focusing on is SEO (search engine optimization). Now I’m going to be completely honest with you. I’m STILL learning about SEO every single day. It is not something you read once and never use again.

SEO is a long-term learning process. The BEST way to learn is by finding a reputable source that can break it down for you to understand.

In terms of long term growth, SEO will be your best friend. This means writing posts that your audience will be actively searching for so you can populate in google!

With Pinterest, it’s a much quicker way to gain traffic. Which is great for beginners! However, I emphasize you shouldn’t completely neglect one or the other.

If you want to learn from the Pinterest Mastermind Carly Campbell, you should check out her Pinterest Strategies Guide. Hands down one of the most helpful online courses of all time.

It’s also how I was able to grow my Pinterest traffic as fast as I did!

How to start a mom blog so you can work from bed!

8) Design your mom blog

Once all the fine details are settled, you can spend some time designing your mom blog!

This means you’ll get to choose a theme, customize your layout, play with menus, etc…

As fun as this part is, remember to try and focus on designing something that will be:

  • Easy to use (mobile/desktop/tablet)
  • Easy to read (excessive script fonts can be hard to read)
  • Have quick loading time (flashy features are notorious for slowing down websites)

9) Get your blog protected LEGALLY

Did you know, by LAW, you need to have your blog legally protected.

This means, at minimum, you need to have a Privacy Policy, Disclaimer/Disclosure, & Terms of Use accessible to your readers (typically, linked in the footer section of your blog).

You will likely come across tons of ‘free generators’ to help you make one for your site, however, one tiny mistake in the wordage or terminology could leave you open to legal issues.

This is why I ALWAYS suggest getting these documents made by a Lawyer.

Now, if hiring a lawyer and getting this done custom exceeds your budget right now (because it can add up), you CAN make your blog legally compliant with these pre-drafted legal templates WRITTEN BY A LAWYER, it’s called the “Legal Template Bundle“.

The Legal Template Bundle (and many more templates) was created by Amira aka Amira Law. She’s a business lawyer and blogger who saw there was a major need to help bloggers & entrepreneurs (like herself) become legally compliant to keep their businesses safe — so she designed these legal templates to help!

She also has other forms on her page available such as:

  • And much much more!

If you’re serious about starting a blog and doing it the right way, these legal templates are a must!

Best affiliate networks for mom bloggers

When it comes to monetizing your blog & affiliate networking is one of the ways you choose to go (because you should), you’ll probably be wondering where you can find great affiliate programs!

These two networks below are the ones I have used and absolutely LOVE the options they provide in the family, motherhood, and baby niche!

How to write content for your mom blog

I know we touched on it earlier, but you need to write content that provides value for your audience within your niche.

Let’s assume you’re a mom feeling overwhelmed. Your baby won’t sleep and you are desperate for answers. You stumble across a blog post sharing TONS of tips to help your baby sleep. You apply those tips and within 2 nights your baby is back to sleeping on schedule again.

That mom found a post with VALUE to her. Her baby got more sleep, in turn, she got to sleep more too!

This example can be used across the board for any niche or genre out there.

Remember, your audience wants VALUABLE CONTENT.

What problems can you provide solutions for??

Mom blog post ideas

If you’re just getting started, below are some blog post ideas to consider:

    Ex. How to swaddle a newborn baby, How to set up baby’s nursery, how to prepare for going into labor, etc…
  • ROUND-UP POSTS (a list featuring other writers/bloggers about a certain topic)
    Ex. 30 Ways These Moms Prepared for Labor, 15 Easy Crockpot Recipes for Busy Moms, etc…
    Ex. The BEST online birth classes for mom to be, 15 resources new moms will need after birth, etc…
    Ex. 9 Items every mom needs for her newborn, 10 ways to fold baby’s laundry, etc…

BEST online blogging courses for mom bloggers

Whether you already have your blog started, haven’t picked a platform or simply want more information.

I’ve compiled my ALL TIME FAVORITE online blogging courses & resources to help you get started the RIGHT way:

  • Engaging your audience (helpful ways to build an engaged audience for your blog that will help you eventually monetize better)
  • Perfectly Pinteresting Pins (an AFFORDABLE monthly subscription to get Pinterest templates delivered straight to your inbox each month)
  • Tailwind (get 1 month FREE of Tailwind – Pinterest approved auto publisher so you never have to think about pinning again!)
  • Easy on Page SEO (the most affordable and helpful SEO ebook for beginner to intermediate bloggers teaching you how to optimize your blog posts!)
  • Easy Backlinks for SEO (helping bloggers learn and understand how to build quality backlinks, in turn, build the reputability of their blog)

Quick Recap on How to Start a Mom Blog:

  • Define your niche (choose something you’re passionate about & don’t see yourself losing interest in).
  • Select a GOOD/RELIABLE host! (Really do your research and don’t just choose someone because they’re cheap. Find someone who will offer excellent customer support, doesn’t have hidden costs, and will have excellent site loading speed to handle growing blog traffic).
  • Develop a growth/monetizing plan (Don’t try to learn everything at once. Pick one, focus on it until you get it down, then move on to the next strategy. NEVER put all your eggs in one basket. If I had to put an emphasis on one area, I’d suggest learning SEO as early as you can.)
  • Write VALUABLE Content! (People are always looking for solutions to their problems. Example – you’re here looking at how to start a blog, right? Write content that can HELP them answer their questions AND some!)
  • *Bonus Tip* DON’T focus on a random social media platform because someone tells you to. (You need to focus your time where YOUR AUDIENCE IS! Is your audience on Facebook? Are they on Instagram? Tap into your key audience – understand who they are and where they will be and THEN you can focus your efforts on trying to reach & connect with them!)
  • The links in this post aren’t specific to JUST mom blogging so feel free to check them out if you have any interest in starting a blog at all!

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How to start a mom blog to make extra money

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