how to ditch working mom guilt by mom after baby


    1. What a true and honest account! I continue to bounce back and forth with managing guilt as a working mom! Great tips here especially the one about not comparing. It’s easy to get caught up in this, especially when you are already feeling guilt!

  1. These are all great suggestions. I’ve learned through the years that having everyone helping out around the house, and having a routine that is pretty much the same helps everyone. My kids look forward to our movie time throughout the week. I do strive to make sure we have little trips out together at least once a month too.
    The mom guilt still strikes because my kids would love to have my attention all the time. They don’t understand that while I may be home, I’m still striving to earn income too.

    1. Amen mama, thanks so much for sharing your experience! That’s all it’s about, doing your best and honestly, it’s all we can do. Sounds like you’re doing one heck of a job and your kids love you for that <3

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