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How to DITCH working mom guilt!

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As a mom that works from home, balancing work life with mom life can be a very touchy area. The worst part, dealing with the constant mom guilt of working too much and not spending enough time with my baby!

Now I know there are some big key differences between working moms leaving for a fulltime job vs. moms who work at home.

Yet, the working mom guilt is the one constant that ties in all our differences together! I mean how can you really be the best mom and best worker at the same time? Somethings gotta give, right?

The good news is there’s DEFINITELY a way to ditch the mom guilt while being an awesome mom and a super hard worker!

Ready to for those tips? After today, you should be on the road to banishing mom guilt for good!

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How to DITCH working mom guilt for good!

1. Use a planner to stay organized!

A huge way to stay organized and feel more in control of your time is to plan ahead of time!

I know it’s an extra step in your already busy schedule. If you could, dedicate just 1-2 hours/week to using a planner to organize your work, family time, appointments, meetings, school events, etc…

It can give you a realistic picture of where you have holes in your schedule to add in extra family time or even just some quality MOM TIME.

So grab yourself a little monthly planner & get to organizing that schedule!

If you want something basic to start, you can download my FREE weekly/daily planner to get started!

2. Shop for bulk groceries online

Before having our son, I hardly ever shopped online.

The truth is — getting out to shop just isn’t as easy any more with a little one!

That’s why these days, it’s WAY easier to just shop for my groceries online! Or at least take advantage of the grocery pickup most stores are now offering!

Now we do still go grocery shopping and get out of the house. I do believe it’s good to get out and not be stuck in the house or at your job all day.

For the sake of convenience and buying yourself more family time, using a service like Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery can come in really handy!

You can even Try AmazonFresh Free Trial to give it a test run before fully committing!

3. Spend quality time with your family

Making sure to leave time in your busy schedule to actually spend QUALITY time together will be key here.

The thing is, quality time for one family might be different for another.

So find what values you and your family share the most and use that time to be truly present with one another. Put the phones away, turn off the TV and use that time to interact, enjoy some fresh air and activities with one another!

A few ideas could include:

  • Movie night at home or at the theatre
  • Baking goodies together
  • Spending time outside together
  • Planning a staycation
  • Backyard camping
  • Doing chores together (making a game out of them)
  • Karaoke family night
  • Playing a board game
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4. Find & stick to a routine

Since I work at home while caring for our son, I have personally found that sticking to a routine works the best for us.

It helps me know when he needs his naps, meals, and playtime so that I can be dedicated to working when need be!

For moms who leave to work, this can also be beneficial! Having a routine for yourself and your little one can make the transition for them to be dropped off at a sitter or have a sitter come to your home, have the day laid out, and by the time you’re home things are right on track!

By setting up a routine that we use every day, it’s helped me to eliminate SO much unnecessary mom guilt. Because I know I’m still able to do my work and also be a stellar mama to our little guy.

Here’s an example of what our daily routine (with a 1-year-old) looks like on the days I work:

  • 7 am – Wake Up & Nurse
  • 7:30am-8:30am – Play Time + Mom Does Work Tasks
  • 9 am – Breakfast for Mom and Son
  • 10-10: 30 am – Put down for 1st nap
  • 10:30-11: 45 am – Son Naps & I’m able to focus on work
  • 11:45 am – Wake Up & Nurse
  • 12:15pm-1:15pm Play Time + Mom Works
  • 1:15 pm – Lunch Time for Mom and Son
  • 2-2:30 pm – 2nd Nap
  • 3:30pm – Wake Up & Nurse
  • 4 pm – Mom Clocks Out and Rest of the day dedicated to chores and baby until bedtime at 7 pm!

5. Ask for help if you need it

If you need a little help to tackle some of the more busy tasks around the house — just ask!

I totally get it, I HATE asking for help. I don’t like feeling like I can’t do everything. But the truth is, it’s humanly impossible to try and be perfect at everything.

The sooner we can accept and be ok with that concept, the more weight we’ll have lifted off our shoulders!

I mean, when you think of a successful business, it’s usually run by a TEAM of people, right? Just think about that one for a bit. Then determine, who’s on your team?

Make yourself a TEAM of people you can rely on! Then, reach out to them when you need help.

6. DON’T compare your situation to another mom’s situation.

I know I know, it’s way too easy to compare your life with another mom’s life.

We literally live in a world evolved in social media where all we see is constant comparisons and judgments towards one another.

I say end it here and end it NOW!

In the beginning, I really struggled with this. I was a new mom with no idea how to structure my life around this sweet little newborn. I saw seasoned moms all around walking around like they owned the world.

Their babies were so peaceful and calm while mine was fussing. They kept a straight poker face while I was at home crying.

Trust me, I truly get it.

But behind all that ‘perfection’ is just another mama like you and I trying to get by. Dealing with their own unique struggles and lifestyle.

So do yourself the biggest favor of all time and promise that after today, you won’t compare yourself to anyone else.

mother sitting with child, both, looking at a laptop together

7. Grab some positive affirmations and place them where you can see them daily!

I’ve personally found that being surrounded by the things that make me feel good or shift my negative thoughts away is a very helpful tactic to ditching the mom guilt to the side.

Some of my personal favorite affirmations are:

  • My family doesn’t need perfect, they just need me.
  • I am more than enough for my family.
  • Today, I choose to feel happy, grateful and positive.
  • I’m thankful for this season of my life.
  • Being a mother is all about learning about strengths you never knew you had.
  • I am doing my best and it is more than enough.
  • I am a mother, see me blossom, watch me bloom.

8. Take time off

Sometimes, it’s important to take a personal day. Maybe 2…or 3.

If you’re having some serious mom guilt about not being present with your children and little ones, take a personal day.

I’d bet your job has a personal day policy if you wanted to look into it, but most do & I’d say it’s well worth looking into.

No mama should spend her days stressed and anxious due to their jobs.

Which by the way, if you haven’t seen my post on how you can work from home & make a legit income that way, it might be worth a read!

9. Don’t take on more than you can handle.

So I’m totally guilty of this. I always want to be helpful and make everyone happy.

Can you guess what happens? I run myself into the ground trying to please everyone while my own needs get neglected and so does my family’s.

So here’s my advice. If you want to impress people at work by taking on a project, working extra hours, etc…go ahead. 

But ONLY if it will not directly affect your needs or your time off with your family.

Seriously, bringing your work home with you is not worth the damage that can happen to your family or relationships around you.

I know some of us need our jobs to survive and pay the bills, but it is NEVER worth eating up your whole life. Especially, when you’re trying to balance being a parent. 

In my opinion, parenting comes first. Job second. And I have way less guilt about my job taking a back seat vs my child.

10. Cut yourself some slack

Listen, I’d bet money you’re busting your busy butt at work & coming home to do the same.

Anyone willing to devote their lives to raising a family while working hard to provide for them seriously deserves to cut themselves some slack!

At the end of the day, your children don’t need some ‘Instagram Perfectly Posed – No Stained White Carpet’ Mom.


So now that we’re through with our 10 tips, go kick your feet up, pour yourself some wine, and cut yourself some slack mama.

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6 thoughts on “How to DITCH working mom guilt!”

    1. What a true and honest account! I continue to bounce back and forth with managing guilt as a working mom! Great tips here especially the one about not comparing. It’s easy to get caught up in this, especially when you are already feeling guilt!

  1. These are all great suggestions. I’ve learned through the years that having everyone helping out around the house, and having a routine that is pretty much the same helps everyone. My kids look forward to our movie time throughout the week. I do strive to make sure we have little trips out together at least once a month too.
    The mom guilt still strikes because my kids would love to have my attention all the time. They don’t understand that while I may be home, I’m still striving to earn income too.

    1. Amen mama, thanks so much for sharing your experience! That’s all it’s about, doing your best and honestly, it’s all we can do. Sounds like you’re doing one heck of a job and your kids love you for that <3

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