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BEST Baby Carriers for MOM & Baby

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When we were expecting, I spent SO much time looking for the best baby carriers for mom & baby.

I knew I would need something supportive due to the back and hip pains I had throughout my pregnancy, but I didn’t think I’d find so many great options!

In addition to looking for a baby carrier with support, I wanted a high-quality baby carrier. One I wouldn’t need to replace after a few uses. Something that would hold up as our little guy grew bigger.

Lastly, I wanted something budget-friendly. I didn’t mind spending a little extra money for something of good quality that would last a while, but I wasn’t trying to spend $300+ either.

What to look for in a baby carrier

When it comes to picking the BEST baby carrier for you and baby, theres a few factors you may want to weigh out.

Padding & support:

Lugging a newborn baby around isn’t too bad, but as baby get’s bigger, that’s even MORE strain on your body, primarily your back to do so! Hence the importance of making sure the carrier you get has enough padding to keep baby comfortable + keep the support straps from digging into your body all while providing you with ample support along your back and hips.

Breathable fabric:

Having a carrier with soft, breathable fabric not only keeps you cool, but baby too! Although if you live in colder weather, a thicker fabric may be in your favor.

Supportive (& adjustable) seat for baby:

Most carriers allow the main seat baby sits to be adjustable. This is to accommodate babies as young as newborns up to toddlerhood! Be sure to look into this feature when choosing a carrier.

Types of baby carriers

When it finally comes to selecting a baby carrier, you might be surprised by the various options you’ll find! In this section, we’ll cover the types of baby carriers out there so you can decide which may be best for you!

Baby Carrier Wrap

Baby wraps are those snuggly, long fabric carriers that allow you to literally wrap baby close and snug to your body!

I find these to be the most comfortable for both mom and baby, but they can be a bit tricky to use in the beginning. However, once you’ve mastered getting baby in and out, these wraps are AMAZING for soothing the fussiest of babies so you can still get things done – hands free!

Baby Sling Carriers

Baby sling carriers are, in my opinion, the easiest carriers to use. You wrap in your fabric around the sling, tuck baby in, and boom you’re ready to go!

I do, however, find these best used if you prefer that side/hip carry (which can ease the discomfort for those with more direct back pains).

Soft padded baby carrier

These carriers are the standard, most common carriers you’ll find. They come in various sizes, patterns and can typically support babies as little as newborns and as old as toddlers!

Baby Carrier Backpack

Baby carrier backpacks are a bit more pricey in the realm of carrier options. They also tend to be a bit more specific for those who will be outdoors often and aren’t always suitable for younger babies, however if you have an older baby and you are an outdoorsy individual, this could be the perfect carrier for you!

Best Baby Carriers for Mom and Baby

1) LilleBaby Complete Airflow

Lillebaby is my TOP pick (and it’s the baby carrier I use every day!). It’s not only an affordable baby carrier, but it has wonderful features!

I actually just posted a video on my Instagram taking my son for a walk (photo above) and got blown up with messages asking me about this baby carrier! Allow me to explain WHY I love it so much:

  • It has 6 positions that are perfect to grow with baby from a 7lb newborn to 45lbs (Fetal position, Inward Infant, Outward Ergonomic, Side Hip, Toddler Inward, Back Position).
  • You don’t need an ‘infant insert’ to use this carrier as long as your baby falls within the weight limit above.
  • It’s made from a breathable 3-D Mesh Fabric so baby won’t get too hot in the carrier (my son gets heat rash so easy, especially during the warmer months so this was a lifesaver for us as he always prefers to be carried vs a stroller).
  • It has a Lumbar Support panel in the back to eliminate that painful low back pain.
  • It has 2 front pockets – one small to store the mesh hood and one larger to hold anything else like some sunglasses, your chapstick, maybe even a phone!
  • The mesh hood – great for blocking out the sun on those sunny days or for some extra breastfeeding privacy (this carrier makes for a wonderful discreet breastfeeding carrier)!
  • Is considered a “Hip Healthy Product” for baby

2) Lillebaby Dragonfly Wrap

The Lillebaby dragonfly wrap is a MUST for every mama who enjoys a more soft snuggly carrier. Why? Because this carrier allows you to hold baby extra close in a wrap-like carrier WITHOUT 7 feet of material lingering around!

You simply slip your carrier on like a t-shirt, adjust how lose/tight you want it, slip baby in and tie it up! It literally doesn’t get any easier!

  • EASY hands-free baby wearing design with extra cushioned back support
  • Soft breathable fabric that’s easily machine washable and fits sizes 00 – 24
  • Can support babies 8-30lbs
  • VERY affordable price range
  • Comes in 3 lovely colors

3) Ergobaby 360 Carrier

Ergobaby has been a top name in the industry for making quality baby carriers since 2002!

You really wouldn’t be going wrong with any of their carriers! I did, however, have particular necessities I was looking into for me personally, but I have 2 other mom friends that highly recommended the Ergobaby 360 All Carry Baby Carrier:

  • Features a thick lumbar support band.
  • Pretty lightweight and has some mesh features to the fabric to make it more breathable.
  • Can use with young infants as small as 7lbs if you purchase the infant insert (usually sold separately).
  • Has thick padded shoulder bands to prevent the fabric from digging into your shoulders.
  • Has a baby privacy hood – great to block out any sunlight or even to breastfeed!
  • Is considered a “Hip Healthy Product” for baby

4) Baby K’tan Original Carrier Wrap

Baby K’tan is known for making one of the easiest baby carrier wraps ever! It’s because their ‘wrap’ is made to your specific size so all you do is drape the ready to wrap carrier over your shoulders, and adjust it as needed (you can see their sizing/usage demonstration on this page).

  • This carrier is a ready to use wrap that doesn’t require any fancy wrapping skills or techniques!
  • Can hold baby in multiple positions from birth up to 35lbs.
  • Features a very soft, breathable & stretchy natural cotton for the best comfort!
  • Comes in a variety of colors/patterns.
  • Is considered a “Hip Healthy Product” for baby!
  • Convenient to fold up and take with you wherever you need it!

5) Keababies Wrap Carrier

If you’re just looking for a budget-friendly alternative, then hands down the Keababies Wrap Carrier is the way to go!

I actually purchased this wrap as I wasn’t sure how often I’d be using it & didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something I wasn’t sure I’d use. Turns out, I LOVED it & so did my son! I did have to learn how to use a full wrap, but it’s ok!

  • One size fabric for all to wrap various ways!
  • Nice stretchy fabric to cradle baby, yet provide lots of support.
  • Great for carrying and nursing baby hands-free.
  • Very affordable price compared to other big brands.

6) Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

The Beco Gemini Baby Carrier was one of the cutest baby carriers I found, coming in over 24 different colors and patterns!

What stood out the MOST to me about this carrier, is it’s backpack style straps. Not only making it a fashionable option for moms on the go, but a comfortable one too!

  • Can hold babies from 7-35lbs
  • Available in a variety of color/patterns
  • Special redesigned shoulder straps that feature a new safety catch
  • Comfortable padding throughout to ensure both mom and baby don’t have any straps or fabric digging into the skin
  • 4 position carrier (front, back, hip-carry, 2 seat adjustment)

7) Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling

The Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling, is an affordable, eco-friendly, ring-sling carrier option for those looking for an easy approach to baby wearing!

Plus, this ring sling features soft, bamboo material that won’t irritate yours or baby’s skin while maintaining a nice breathable layer without making you too hot or cold.

  • Soft, breathable, and non-irritating bamboo fabric that won’t make you too hot or cold
  • Single “M” position carrier, ideal for young babies to prevent hip dysplasia due to improper hip placement
  • Promotes a close bond between baby and parent
  • VERY easy to use + online video demonstration support

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