How to make bath time fun for toddlers

How to make bath time fun for toddlers!

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After our babies become toddlers, everything changes. Foods they use to love they chuck across the room. The soothing bath they use to enjoy has now become a hassle. Bath time struggle ends today parents! Use these tips to make bath time fun for your toddler and I promise it will be something they look forward to!

I vividly remember the day I was setting up for our normal bath time routine. All of a sudden my son began to protest his bath. I felt so defeated by a measly bath.

How was I supposed to successfully bathe a protesting toddler?

I did some research, tried out some toys, games, and activities and found the key to making bath time fun again!

How to make bath time fun for toddlers!

The key to having a FUN bath routine is changing it up! Toddlers, well they get bored easily.

You ever notice how your toddler finds a toy, gets really amused, then 2 minutes later is over it and screaming for something else? Yup, they’re bored.

They love structure, but they need variety.

Ironically enough, bath time has always been my husband’s ‘job’. And frankly, our son loves it!

Toddler Bath Time Toys

Whenever I have to give him a bath, he usually isn’t happy for the first couple minutes because daddy isn’t the one giving the bath.

If your partner is up for the task, feel free to make it their special job! Plus, it only helps them bond with their child!

How do you make bath time fun for babies?

Bath time fun for babies is a lot easier in my opinion.

Babies tend to be A LOT more content with the same routine. The same toy. The same person giving the bath. You get the point.

Keep the water warm, use a gentle bath soap, bring in a toy or 2, sing some songs and you should have a successful baby bath!

When can I use bubble bath on my baby or toddler?

I personally find this to be a personal choice kind of question. We started using a light bubble bath once our son was around 11 months old.

He would have tons of fun smacking all the bubbles. Not to mention, bubbles are just fun!

However, I have heard that bubble bath and certain soaps can be pretty harsh for baby girls. Especially, if they’re in the bath for a long time. Also if they aren’t rinsed off thoroughly.

Hence why I think it’s more of personal preference. If you do decide to experiment with bubble baths, try to use a brand that makes natural and gentle products for your baby’s sensitive skin!

One of my all-time favorite bath washes I use for my son is by Tubby Todd. They make clean products, formulated for baby’s sensitive skin!

Not to mention, they’re always coming up with new washes for the various seasons, so I highly recommend checking them out or trying a travel size pack to see how you like it!

Make bath time fun with bath time crafts!

– Use bath crayons

Using bath crayons is a fun way to keep the imagination flowing! Your toddler can color on the walls and the tub, making it loads of fun!

– Foam letters and numbers for the bath

Foam letters and numbers make for a fun bath! It’s also a great way to expose your little one to words, letters, and counting as they get older!

– Bathtub finger paint

Bathtub finger paint is another great way to keep your toddler entertained during their bath! Although I personally find this one to be a bit too messy for my liking. Some of my mommy friends absolutely love this stuff and find it highly entertaining for their little ones!

Fun games for the bathtub

– Make a waterfall

Using a waterfall bath toy is pretty entertaining! Not to mention it helps your little one think and work through the “how-to” which is great for sensory and development!

– Bathtime basketball

Get your little one a suctioning basketball hoop for the bathtub and have fun taking turns throwing the ball in!

Toddler Bubble Bath

– Pop all the bubbles in the bath

Add in some of your favorite bubble bath and see who can pop the most bubbles! This is always the MOST FUN game for our bath time routine!

How can I make my toddler’s bath time fun?

If the activities and games aren’t enough to make your toddler jump for joy during bath time, here are some more tips to help you out!

– Let them bring in their own toys

As a parent, bath time means cleaning up our dirty little humans. As a toddler, it should be fun! If your little one wants to bring a toy or two in, let them! Unless, of course, it’s an electronic toy. Get into the habit of making bath time less of a chore and more fun! You should notice the struggle to get them clean becomes much easier over time!

– Build your way to a better bath

What’s more fun than building a tall tower and knocking it down to create a big splash? Bring in some legos or megabloks and let your little one build the coolest tower overlooking the water!

– Turn the CLEAN into FUN

Instead of using the classic washcloth, use a bath puppet washcloth instead! No more scrubbing clean the boring way, but now scrubbing clean with a new puppet friend to tickle and play hide & seek during bath time!

Now that you have this HUGE list of ways of how to make bath time fun for toddlers, pick out a couple of these activities to try out during your next bath day!

If your little one still isn’t into it, try a new activity! There are endless options to choose from. Just remember, don’t make it a chore, MAKE IT FUN!

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